Other UK Football - 'Don't want to be in the EPL anyway..'


Goodthur - as good a point as any point could be!

I’m hoping that will be just enough (and hoping we can keep George Long).


An excellent effort to get a point at Wigan. Arguably not all that surprising though - this frustrating club habitually do better against top sides than against weak ones. They just need one more point now to guarantee safety. Rochdale is unlikely to beat Charlton but it is a home game for them so you never know.




Some absolutely cracking fixtures this week.

Cardiff and Fulham playing for automatic promotion.

Preston and Derby fighting for playoffs

Bolton, Burton and Barnsley all trying to avoid relegation.

Which makes Preston v Burton and Fulham v Birmingham (who could still miss), Derby v Barnsley, Cardiff v Reading (who could also maybe still miss) all or nothing. Should be a great final day.


Wimbledon got the point they needed at Doncaster. Safe now with one game to go.


All English champ games on now. Gotta love the live ladder … Nil all in all games so far.


Rochdale avoid relegation somehow, think they were bottom six months ago. Rivals Bury and Oldham (took the fourth spot just beneath them) go down. Juicy.


Birmingham 1 up over Fulham.


Think a few teams have fielded quite a few second stringers.


When they were bottom they had about 5 games in hand due to their FA cup run. Still a good effort to survive.


Within 4 minutes Barnsley, then Burton, then Bolton and now Burton are safe.


Barnsley gone, Bolton have just conceded. Need two score 2 in last 8 minutes to survive


And they have scored 2 in a minute!


Burton concede at the death to go down. Bolton will be safe


Absolutely pissweak from Fulham. Had a chance for an automatic spot and totally spunked it. A good side who plays attractive, attacking football (usually at home and especially when they go ahead first, bossing teams) and a bunch of shitkicking hackers like Cardiff go up. Nailed on to go straight back down.

Cardiff have earned it but they’re a waste of space in the top flight.


Bolton… That’s a shame.

No way Cardiff is not relegated next year.


We can live In hope they go down


Bolton survived? No wonder my Bolton supporting mate sent me a insane text going crazy


Oh Cardiff’s going down alright and I hope Warnock goes with them forever. Can still do a job but easily one of the most ungracious biggest knobs in football.