Our senior team is butter soft


Yes, but also soft


Thought McKernan & Hooker showed some agro too yesterday but point remains, the percentage is way too small for a team of 22. Smith seems to play more like a captain than anyone on our list which is sad given he’s been at the club 6 months.


We haven’t broken him yet. Give it 6 more months and he won’t give a stuff either


We keep hearing Myers is vital because of his big body. Lol…and he gets brought down in a tackle by the feather duster in Fisher.


I’m not sure we are soft. We are certainly weak though. In my mind there is a difference.


Wasn’t that from, like, 20m away? And bags was in a 1 v 4 scuffle at the time?

Not exactly tough talking.


soft is what comes after june.


Its mildy amusing to think that after all this time, when you really just pare it all back, we are more or less at the same juncture we found ourselves at circa late 2007.

Option A:
“This is fine” etc etc

Option B:
Fire everyone into the sun and start again

Essendon really are the farking same olds.


It may be that the players are soft. However, if that is the case then it is the club that has made them this way. In 2016 (coincidently the first year that worsfold coaches and perhaps before he had much influence on the playing group) the pressure in the forward line was intense. Especially considering the outs. Tippa, fantasia etc were in your face, harrassing and creating turnovers. Now I know that injuries have played their part but the ball bounces out of our 50m arc with almost no pressure.

The club has created this lack of pressure - not the players.


Read this in the age, makes sense

The problems at Essendon have to be in large part coaching-based, because in the simplest of terms it is the coaches’ job to get the best out of the players. Plainly at Essendon right now they are not. The players they have out there are capable of more and better and they are not delivering.


I agree the onus is on the coach to motivate the players, but it comes the point as a professional athlete, you’ve have to at least dig in, our guys don’t.

I would put it 100% on the coaching if the players were giving their all and we were seeing the same result.

We put up with this ■■■■ for far longer than the Worsfold era


Just read that article. It’s honestly hard to believe these people get paid. I don’t think the thesis is wrong, but the argument is atrocious.

Consider this from the weekend when they lost to winless Carlton: Goddard and Jayden Laverde did not lay a tackle. They are defenders

If Laverde is playing as a defender, his grasp of defensive structures is truly appalling, doesn’t even know which end of the ground to stand in.

Stringer, presumably a forward though goals don’t presently seem to be a KPI

Sad as it is, he’s still our second highest goal scorer. So judged on goals, he’s doing better than all but one of our other forwards.

One assumption is that when you play Daniher (or on Saturday Shaun McKernan), Cale Hooker and James Stewart as tall targets

Haven’t done that in over a month but do go on.


that has to be a rockIV parody?


All our senior players suffer from delusions that they are top shat. i.e. they think they are elite when actual fact they are B graders and some potentially A graders at best. Hurley, Heppell, Goddard, Daniher, Zaharakis, and to a lesser extent Tbell, Zerret and Hooker. Those first five need someone to sit them down and say “look, you are not all that. You actually look quite ordinary out on the field. You are playing like a B grader so stop getting a big head”


Players have to shoulder tons of blame. As you said as professional athletes you would think they have enough self respect to play for pride. But not this long.

Attitude reflects leadership- look at our on field leaders and off field leaders. No wonder we are soft and mentally weak


We are mentally soft.


Our attempts at tackling are as atrocious as anything else. Carlton players, Carlton players FFS, were stepping around and out of them like it was a stroll down Bourke street.


The sight of liam jones bursting through congestion in the backline like he was dustin martin had me tempted to throw the remote at the tv. One of those bad memories that I don’t think I will ever forget.


Have we won even a single wrestle this year?

It feels like we’ve lost every single bit of niggle that’s happened.


I must have missed your recent set in the DJ king thread. Change back your avatar, it was one of the greats.