Panic Dollars 2017 - the game


Sell all

Buy Myers 50% (double stress)
Buy Dea 50% (double stress)


I was tempted to do that but went the more conservative option. Good luck.


No changes! Tables showing ranking of selected and non-selected players.

Still plenty of investors riding the McGrath train. Bellchambers the biggest disappointment this week.


How much time each week do you think you're putting into this? Seems like a fair commitment.


Probably 2-3 hours a week. Most of it is done by computer - I just change the round number, or jersey numbers for new trades, all the calculations are automated. Plus I usually do it while I am doing something else, like cooking or watching TV, so it doesn't interfere very much.

I like following the progress and development of all the players on the list anyway, this game gives me a way to make use of that information.


It's added a new dimension to the season.....once I got my head around it.


Panic Dollars payments and ranking updates after Round 9 are in tables below.


Before our next glorious victory with an unchanged team I would like some clarification around my triple stress on McGrath, If I read the rules correctly I can sell up to 50% of my current holding in McGrath to buy someone else and keep my triple stress going given all my panic are invested in him?


No, you tripled stressed 100% of your holding.


No, Benny is correct. You could have invested 50% initially in McGrath as triple stress, and made changes to the other 50%. But once you chose to invest 100% as triple stress in McGrath it is all locked up until the end of the triple stress period.

For those Gamers who haven't worked it out, there is not much to be gained by putting 100% in a stress option, when you get exactly the same bonus payment for only locking up 50%. It was set up that way deliberately so that Gamers didn't have to lock up all their money to get the bonus payment. Also 50% splits lessens your risk of 100% of your money getting hit by an unexpected injury.

I also should add that the stress options were designed in a way to be much more beneficial to Gamers at the bottom of the table, than those at the top. So I am a bit surprised that stress options are being used by the wealthy leaders, while many Gamers with not much panic dollars are ignoring stress options.

For example if you only have $100 a 50% split on first-picked, low risk players like Heppel and Zerrett for 2 or 3 weeks will get you a much, mutch better return than trying to pick an outsider who might get selected at $10 return.


Didn't know about the 50% thingy.

Surely going 100% gives you double bonus then??


It says 50% on the rates table when the bonus amounts are listed.

No double bonuses. 50% or more gets you the bonus, that's the way the rules were set up to operate.

It is possible to put 50% on the same player twice, and that could get you 2 bonuses - but that didn't work out very well for the only Gamer who has tried it as his player was not selected.


Fairy nuff, I'll just have to prey to the footy gods that McGrath stays healthy for a few more rounds. Happy to be 100% on McGrath in any case at this stage but now realise I could have used the other 50% for a triple stress on someone else.

Say La Vee (I know that's not how you spell it)


So can I take 50% away and put it elsewhere w/out penalty this week?


No. That is the question slowstu asked yesterday. If you put 100% of your PDs into a stress option (either 2 x 50% or 1 x 100%) it remains locked up up until the stress option expires - after R10 in your case.


Don't know if its possible, But can I please triple stress my Zerret and Heppel holdings?


Yes - you can triple stress that, since you already have 50% split into those players.


Here are the Return Rates and Stress Option bonuses for Round 10 v Richmond.


Could I please have $5000 on The Langford and the rest to Bags for triple stress glory!


Please double stress Hepp D with sufficient funds from Jimmy Stewart and transfer the balance to the Langford.