Panic Dollars 2017 - the game


So are you making any changes?


damn you woosha, you couldn’t leave colyer in for that one measly game!!!


So how well did Hambo and Benny do?


Panic Dollars holdings and rankings updated after R23 glorious victory over Freo.

Current podium hotseat positions are @benny @hambo and @Kj_11 . @SCarey slips to 4th although he has a potential stress payout next game.

Biggest climber was @simmo41 who climbed 13 places with a maturing trauma payment.

Special welcome to @theDJR who, after stalking this thread for the whole year, finally made his investment decision.


Fund Report

After two weeks of returns over 50% the Panic Dollars Fund has hit $8.5m. The next game should take the fund over $10m.


If we win in Sydney, and JD lines up for the following game, … do I win this bluddy thing or what? @Kay_Eff_See


If JD plays 2 more games you will get a payment of around $690k. So no that isn’t enough to win.



Ah well,… I’ll go out knowing I gave it my best shot …


Well done @benny , @hambo and @Kj_11.

Although I will get my triple stress payment if TBC plays next game (and thought I was pretty clever betting on getting into the elimination final with a triple stress), you are all free to bet on Raz, Hurley, Hooker, Smack, Leuey and Franga to come in to our next game, which should keep you all ahead of me (if you get it right).

From there I am hoping we keep winning and we keep pretty much the same side, which should keep me out of the running.

So in other words I’m hoping I lose, but if we can keep winning and I can nail a surprise inclusion of Long or Franga later on, you never know.


This must be how Lance Franklin feels today


It’s going to be a tense weekend with no game, although the VFL will provide some diversion.

I will not post updated return rates till after Club’s Injury report on Tuesday, although I suspect Crowy might be a bit more vague than usual. Setting rates likely to be difficult this week.

I think Panic Dollars has been a success and I may do something similar again next year. It has helped me keep track of what is happening with all the players on the list, and that has made following the team more enjoyable for me.

The week off is also an opportunity for anyone to post in this thread to provide feedback or suggest changes for next year to rules, rates or how information is distributed during the game. So if you want to make any suggestions go ahead …


I know theres still 4 rounds to go :slight_smile: but I want to take the opportunity to thank you for running the game, been most enjoyable although it took me a while to develop a strategy which clearly hasn’t worked.

No real suggestions for changes…I’m not that clever


Yep agreed. Love your commitment Colonel.


Thanks from me too.

My only suggestion is maybe to load the stress and trauma options according to the odds on the player at the time you select them (i.e. multiply the stress/trauma bonus by the return rate at the time of the investment, rather than the return you get for the stress option on individual games) and maybe you lose more if you get it wrong, say lose 10% for each game missed during the life of the option as well as missing out on the bonus.

This will make the front runners less inclined to take these risks and give those at the back encouragement to take a stab. Betting on the exposed odds of a player rather relying on uncertain returns after you are locked in would increase transparency.

But I must say that your rules definitely gave me a chance of winning even in the face of a couple of infamous Langford stress selections which resulted in his immediate dropping on both occasions, and dropping to the back of the field 10 weeks in. So I do realise your options are very carefully thought out, and if you don’t think my ideas are any good, they probably aren’t.


Updated return rates and bonus payments for R24/F1 v Sydney.

Reminder that if club declares any of the injured first choice players fit and available to play then further investments on those players will be closed from then on.


Sell all

50% Laverde Double Stress
50% Hooker Double Stress


All on Smack thank you kind sir.


I heartily and sadly agree.

All on McNernan please.


I still don’t get this!


Neither do I.

Put everything on Howlett please.