Panic Dollars 2017 - the game


Sell everything buy a Hooker…


Is the Trauma option next week only in the case of a drawn grand final? Does it include next pre-season competition?


Trauma Option is supposed to finish this week (click on this to see all the table ) -

I’ve said the game will finish when Woosha and Jobe hold the 2017 premiership cup aloft (I note AFL cups are not encumbered by lids). If someone wants to present a scenario where there are 5 more possible games after this week, then I will look at providing a trauma rate next week.


I note no, it will allow people to get past my hard-earned tally after, as you say, Jobe holds up the premiership cup.


The problem being that there is no week 28 without a drawn grand final.

When I said next week, I should have said the Trauma option you are offering which starts next game.

There isn’t five more games left to Trauma on, or a week 26 triple stress or a week 27 double stress.

Have I got that wrong?


The best way to learn is to play. It is still not too late to join. You have a free $100 to start. Invest your money in any player (or more than 1 player). If they play you receive the amount in the yellow column (table above) for each $10 invested. If they don’t play, you keep your money to try again next week.

You also have options to lock players in for 2, 3 or 5 consecutive matches - so if they play in all the matches you receive bonus payments.


Yes, the table was intended to allow for max possible games, including a grand final replay (G28 by my calcs)


A grand final replay would be a trauma indeed.


OK, $100 on Fantasia


I am willing to accept your scenario.


If I had to choose between having to play in a grand final replay and not getting to the grand final or even losing one in the first instance, I too am willing to put up with that trauma.


Sell Hurley

50% Fantasia - Double stress
50% McNernan - Double stress


I patiently followed a plan all year, which worked all the way until Woosha screwed me in Rd 22.

I was going to continue that and hope others get some bad luck but I’ve now decided to throw caution to the wind and go with the new philosophy of “if you’re not first, you’re last”.

Sell all and invest 100% in McKernan, squire!


That’s a courageous and excellent bet.


I also feel it is the true essence of panic dollars, either way it goes. Either I’ve overacted and the player in questions is apples, or I’ve been utterly pessimistic and the negativity is proven correct.

Maybe you should change the competition next year and make it so it is the person with the least amount of panic dollars left that is the winner :stuck_out_tongue:


A million on Fantasia and the rest on Colyer thanks :grinning:


Sell All

Buy McKernan 100%


Sell all.
250k on Redman.
200k on McNernan
The rest double stress on Fanta.




??? Grammar Nazi spell checker doesn’t like me not posting a word.