Panic Dollars 2019: Who wants to be a Blitzcoin millionaire? (Redbull wins option to get bucket hat!)

Finally!! Now that Skip has made his move I can orchestrate a path to glorious victory.

As if.

Trying to play this game is difficult when you are out of the country and waiting to get back before you watch the games that you have missed.

I am very nervous about this call because there are times when kfc puts up a players rate with seemingly no information, and you later find out he has had his head amputated.

Never the less

Trauma Guelfi.

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Ha ha, I was wondering where you where. Spot on about the value changes. Belcho and Raz both going out has made me very nervous with the trip west and 6 day break, which is why it took a while to decide - hopefully it’s just precautionary from Kay Eff See or maybe preempting another strain in Rax’s spaghetti like leg muscles-fingers crossed.

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It’s a good game. KFC should be quite proud of it.

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I can confirm that claims I have had my head amputated are exaggerated.


Trauma Langford plz.

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I’ll trauma Langford please Colonel

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glad you made it this week

Channel 10 reporting Brown on flight, Stringer not.

Game closed. Although I think everyone who wanted to got in on time.

■■■■ there goes my Stringer trauma

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If it helps any (it wont), I believe he caused me some trauma last year around this time as well.

Here are potential standings based on team playing as selected. These do not include win jackpot or best player bonuses.

Almost there. :crossed_fingers: for Darcy.

I’m feeling the trauma.

I’m ignoring reality.

Absolute scenes.


From AFL site:

Essendon: Merrett, Heppell, Hooker, Parish, Redman, Hurley

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Go Parish you good thing!!! Last quarter I just kept saying to myself don’t get injured Darcy, don’t get injured…


Hurley in bests, eh? Interesting choice

That is industrial scale extraction of urine.

He and Raz can have a useless-off for W.O.G.


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