Panic Dollars 2019: Who wants to be a Blitzcoin millionaire? (Redbull wins option to get bucket hat!)

Assuming Hurls was in the bests for West Coast. Don’t think he missed a West Coast target by foot all night.

Here are update final standings after R14 debacle v West Coast.

Win Jackpot is not applicable, Best Player Bonuses are included.

A bit less movement this week. The biggest climber is @Celtic_Swing up 10 places, then @TrevorBix up 6 places and @Nocturnal up 5 places.

This week:
Thursday night game at Marvel v GWS. I will attempt to get draft rates up early again to allow Gamers time to review and make decisions by Wednesday.

Big week for:

  • Guelfi investors - waiting on results for scans,
  • Redman and TBC investors - waiting on MRP decisions,
  • @Redbull (Parish) and @Klawdy (Ambrose) who have Trauma payments due in R15
  • Selectors - I think we might see a few changes for this week - will be interesting to see if players are pulled from Sunday VFL game.
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Full calculations after R14.

Click on any pic to open slideshow -



Why? I thought his scans were clear.

Was Guelfi officially concussed?

I have not seen any reports that he was, although you would think club made a report to MRP about outcome of push from McGovern.

Here are draft Nervous Rates and Bonus Payments for R15 v GWS on Thursday night, so you can start thinking about what you will do.


The official rates will be posted on Tuesday after Club injury information is released, and Game will be open for investment decisions then.

I expect team will be announced Wednesday, so you will not have much time.

Stress Rambrose and McKenna.

Stress 50/50 Hepp and McGrath

Here are final Nervous Rates and Bonus Payments for R15 v GWS. The only changes from draft rates are Stringer and Guelfi.


The game is now open for investment changes. @Slowstu and @Nocturnal please confirm you want to continue with your changes.

The only other Gamers who can make changes this week are @Celtic_Swing @TrevorBix @nhanlon @Nod @theDJR

Remember the team will be announced on Wednesday evening, so don’t delay.


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Big couple of days for:
@hambo who will go into lead if he gets his Stress bonus (Parish and Guelfi), and
@redbull (Parish) and @Klawdy (Ambrose) hoping for Trauma bonus payments.

If Parish gets dropped I will only be loading up on 50% pluses for the remainder of the season.



If fallen at this hurdle before. I think I’ve grown emotionally since then.

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Lock it in thanks

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Dear Darcy Parish,

Please wrap yourself in cotton wool and be sure not to stumble or trip over between now and tomorrow’s first bounce. Also make sure you stay away from any sharp obejects and be sure to use all allocated hand rails.

Thank you.

Your concerned and caring supporter,


PS please also avoid heights and walking under ladders.


Potential Standings after R15 if side plays as named. Note this does not include Win Jackpot or Best Player Bonuses.

Redbull and Klawdy the big movers both jumping 20 places.

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