Panic Dollars Game 2018 Results: Blitzcoin millionaire Skip27 wins from Nod and Benny


You still have 50% Stressed on Hooker till R8, so you can only do 1 of these.


This game needs an app


Trauma McKenna please


Yes but Myers didn’t play so I would like to delete that.


What functions would you like to see in an app?


what you can and can’t do, thats pretty much it really.


I think you need to review your understanding of the term locked in for 3 weeks.


Trauma Zaharakis please KFC.


Mutch please!


Assuming the team actually plays as selected this is what new holdings and rankings will be after R7.

There is a lot less change this week as only 1 bonus payment matured. @benny had the biggest rise of 3 places. @hambo moved onto the podium at the expense of @dons23

Also some homework - @hambo @skip27 and @redbull might like to ponder why putting 100% of funds into an investment that only requires 50% to get the bonus may not be the best alternative available to them.


Do you think people will look at an App for that when they don’t look at the OP?


you get a nice pop up that says ’ you can’t do this dickwad’


Don’t you get twice the bonus though? Higher risk more reward?


OK, so you mean for people to actually make transactions in the App, and the App has quality control capability. This would require the actual database of players and current investments to be all online first which it isn’t at the moment. So a lot of work would need to happen before that sort of app would be possible.


No you get the bonus for 50% or more (that’s 1 bonus payment).
Two x separate 50% investments could get you 2 x bonus payments though if both investments are successful.


Ok clearly have no idea what I’m doing! All I can say is I’m looking forward to some massive traumas later in the season to move me up the table!


The penny is dropping for me too, that every Trauma investment is the same, I thought that you got 10% of the return on the player you picked, i.e. a 3.5% return on McKenna (who is at 35%), vs a 2.0% return on Heppell (who is at 20%), but it goes up by 10% of my total instead. This is a better return, but you can’t catch the person in front of you if you both trauma successfully, but it’s a good reason for me to pick someone different and hope my player is picked and their player isn’t.

What would you have done if someone had gone all in on Ambrose with their trauma winnings? @Hambo who saw it could have been $20,000 plus


Maybe I’ve got it wrong, but wouldn’t my investment mature after this round?


Yes, but that would require me understanding what is going on, which I don’t.


You had a Stress investment on Stewart that matured in R3. You picked Trauma starting in R4. 5 matches = R4, R5, R6, R7 & R8.