Panic Dollars Game 2018 Results: Blitzcoin millionaire Skip27 wins from Nod and Benny


Right, sorry.
Got confused between 3 and 5 games.


Yes, if you are at the bottom of the table Trauma is best option.


Would have won the game putting trauma on Ambrose at the juicy odds last round - assuming he plays 5 straight!


Every Trauma is the same in $ terms but very different in % return terms (and risk v % return terms) for Gamers who have very different levels of funds.

If someone went all in on Ambrose at 1000% or multiple people tried to get on I would have noticed and pulled it. Sam was lucky he only put steak knives on and he was the only one who did so I didn’t notice I had bjorked it.


Cool your jets - you would be kicking yourself at only getting 10% return via trauma when you could have had 1000% via nervous in just 1 week.


I’m still working out how this game plays out, bit hard to tell until the future trauma odds are revealed, but at the moment it looks like if you are in front and continue to trauma successfully and time your run at the end, you will win.

On that basis, being able to make a wager when Ambrose was 1000% might have won @samwoods the game already.

However I suspect you will make the weekly return on Trauma fall below the weekly return for the front runners betting on individual weeks at some point.

So the winner will need to roll the dice eventually, I hope. Trauma-ing Heppell every week won’t be the way to win the game surely?


This isn’t like a tipping competition where you can get a gap and hold it for the whole year. It will always be hard to stay in the lead in this game. Even if someone got $20k from Ambrose last week they still wouldn’t be a certainty to win. Like last year I expect the result to be in doubt until the end.

But there won’t be any tricks either. Unless something drastic happens you will know the bonus payments a long way in advance.


As there were no late changes, the standings are as I posted on Friday. Here are the detailed calculations.

Please check you position and make sure you understand what it is. A few Gamers are attempting to change positions when they are locked in.

Click on any pic to open the slideshow. You can also download the pic with your name on it so that you remember what your position is.

This legend should help you understand the colour coding and text in locked investments.


This Week:
Rates will be posted as usual after Injury Report on Tuesday. Then the game will be open for new investments.

The next game is Saturday arvo v FarkCarlton.

Win Jackpot for this week R8 only:
Since Blitz has become such a gloomy place of late, I feel an attack of the Kevin Rudd handouts coming on. If we win (and only if we win) all Nervous rates (and only nervous rates) will be paid at double the nominal rate.


Can’t wait to get back on the trauma train.


$18,651 for Traumas starting this week.


Panic Dollars game is open for new investments for R8 v Carlton on Saturday.

Here are the Nervous rates and Bonus payments for lock options for this week.


As previously advised for this week only there will be a Win Jackpot. If EFC is victorious over Carlton the Nervous rates will be paid at double the nominal rate. Anxiety and Stress investments this week will also receive this jackpot as they also get the nervous rates. Trauma investments will not get the jackpot - they will only get the usual 10% if their player plays.


can i trauma McKenna?




When do I get paid dammit




If McGrath plays R8, your trauma investment will be paid.


Ok trauma it up for me please. I’m stinking anyway so may as well take a risk

Come at me Barnz


yeah well i stink as much as dysons dreaddies


It’s going to be a quiet week here. The only Gamers who are not locked in and can make changes are @TrevorBix @Humble_NSW_Fan @barnz and @theDJR