Panic Dollars Game 2018 Results: Blitzcoin millionaire Skip27 wins from Nod and Benny


Here are the detailed calculations and with investments in each player. Click on any pic to open slideshow.


This Week:
AFL and VFL both play on Sunday afternoon. Expect a squad of 26 announced on Thursday.

Tense week for those at the tin-rattlers end of the ladder. @barnz and @efc1robbo will get a Trauma payment if McKenna plays this game. This will leave @Riolio and @theDJR in the Rance +2 position - so they have to decide whether to continue marching to the beat of their own drums or do something different.


Blow the siren!!!


I seem to remember you were leading at this time last year, and then …


Good memory. But I think I had screwed it up much earlier last year.

I suspect there is a spectacular fall from grace coming at some stage.


I am quite anxious about Ridley this week. Quite anxious indeed.


Here are the Nervous Rates and Bonus Payment amounts for new locks starting this week R12.


The Game is open for new investments.


By my read I’m back in for an investment.

On this basis can I please Trauma Kyle Langford.


I am out of the terrible McGrath trade, or is it one more week?


This week is your last week, you can choose something else after the Bye.


Clarke is tempting - but I’ll trauma Heppell instead


Let’s get nervous about Langford again, whatever is available


Heppell - Trauma please!


Heppell Trauma thanks.


seems to be an echo in here


As the original Heppell Trauma strategist, I feel that the bandwagon has proven successful and become overcrowded.

As such, inspired by my own statement and a hell of a lot of stupid… here comes that fall from grace.

Put it all on Mason Redman, no lock.

Kid deserves a game.


Still to finalise investments for R12 -
@SCarey @dons23 @hambo @nhanlon @Riolio and @theDJR



Those are some delicious odds for Myers but I’ll go Francis for 100%


100% on Langford for this week


I reckon one of Ridley or Francis will play, but I don’t know how Ridley baker’s cyst is coming along, he probably will play but I think Dea may be a little more certain.

100% on Dea thanks


Very courageous Sir.