Panic Dollars Game 2018 Results: Blitzcoin millionaire Skip27 wins from Nod and Benny


can I stress Smith please Colonel? Thanks


Sorry team has already been named.


is a team official if its released before 6.25?


Doesn’t matter, any announcement of any players in the team from a creditable source will stop further investments (either on individual players or all of them).



I still haven’t got the email. Members first eh?

What happens to my cash this week?


You rollover on Ambrose at 30% Nervous.
Suggest you don’t grumble - if Ambrose plays you are better off than Stressing Smith at 20%. Use the week to work out why you don’t put a 100% stress lock on anyone.


Lol, well yes admittedly it was a last minute thing that I remembered to make an investment, so fair enough.

I’m going to blame 6 hours of witness interviews for being braindead.


Usually it is the witnesses who claim to have phone book head.


You can put 2 x 50% stress locks on. As we sorted out last year - these locks may be on 2 different players or 2 locks on the same player.

However, you have to say you want 2 x 50% locks on the same player. Saying 100% stress on 1 player, or something similar, will get you exactly that - and only 1 bonus payment. Not 2 x 50% locks. Two x 50% locks will look like 2 locks in the calculations - i.e. the player’s name will be written twice with half the amount against each name. And each name will get a bonus payment.

Several Gamers have taken 100% Anxiety or Stress locks already this year and only got 1 bonus payment - and I usually comment that they should think about why this is not a good idea. So it has not been a secret.

That said, although you can do it, I still think Gamers would be better off taking 2 different players, instead of the same player twice.


Wow, I hadn’t realised that bit about the stress lock, I just assumed if you stressed 100% on one player, you automatically got double payments.

Noted for future reference, and I suppose I should be even more thankful I missed the deadline.


Dear @Kay_Eff_See,

just wanting to apologise for being argumentative.

You put a lot of work into Panic Dollars, and I really appreciate the challenge of trying to play it well.

On reflection I realise being argumentative could be hurtful to someone who is doing their best to give us all a bit of entertainment for no reward.

I should at least have the grace to be appreciative, rather than critical.

Thank you for your good work, and hopefully I haven’t put you off too much.

I’ll try to show more Care and less SCare in future,

Yours in appreciation,



Thanks, but it isn’t a big deal. I would have left Blitz long ago if I took offence every time someone disagreed with me.

Anyway I think the bigger issue is that it is in Gamers’ interest to take the time to be specific about what they want. Particularly when they are only making one investment post every 3 or 5 weeks.

I am not a mind reader. There seems to be a competition to see who can post their decision with the least amount of words. I will always assume the most literal and simple option I can from the instruction if it is not clear. I’m getting a bit tired of asking people what they mean - so I tend to do that less now than I did earlier in the year.


McNiece looked very so-so last VFL game to me.

Anyway the updated standings and holdings based on the team of 22 are below. Of course no Win Jackpot or Best Players bonus are included at this point.

The only Gamers to miss their selections (Francis) are @Riolio and @TrevorBix

@Kj_11 looks like he will move into first position this week, being the only Gamer to get a Trauma payment.


Best players on AFL site …
Essendon: Merrett, Smith, Heppell, Hurley, McKernan, Goddard


Final Rankings and Blitzcoin holdings are R16 loss v Collingwood.

These include the Best Players bonuses, but no there is Win Jackpot this week.


Here are the full calculations for R16 results.

The new podium is @Kj_11 @benny and @SCarey

This table shows why it is better to take the 2 x 50% option for Stress and Anxiety picks, rather than 1 x 100%. Benny and Scarey both received Stress payments this week. Scarey had the more risky player at 30%, compared to Benny with Smith (20%) and Langford(25%). But Benny moved ahead of SCarey on the rankings because he got 2 Stress payments compared to SCarey’s 1.

This Week
Expect rates will be posted as usual on Tuesday evening. Next game is Saturday night v Gold Coast, so I expect team announcement by Thursday evening at latest.

Bonus Payments for Anxiety, Stress and Trauma
R17 also marks the end of the Bonus Payments already announced. New locks starting R17 will be paid under the current system, and all current locks will be paid as per conditions previously announced.

However there will be a change for R18 and onwards. The Bonus payment will be reduced based on the Average Nervous Rate applicable to the player over the lock period.
For example - if you take a Trauma lock with average nervous rate of …

  • 20% to under 24% over the 5 weeks of the lock, you might get 80% of Trauma bonus payment.
  • 24% to under 28% over the 5 weeks of the lock, you might get 90% of the Trauma bonus
  • 28% to under 32% over the 5 weeks of the lock, you might get 95% of the Trauma bonus
  • 32% or over for the 5 weeks of the lock, you might get 100% of the Trauma bonus.

The same reductions would also apply to Stress and Anxiety locks over the periods of those locks.

I haven’t worked out the final details yet. I need to do a few simulations to make sure this change will work OK. This is to alert you the change is coming for R18 on.

Anyone who wants to make any comment or suggestion is free to do so.


How does bonus work with trauma?

If they get in bests once do you get part of a bonus? Scaling according to # of times in.


Trauma players will continue to get base 10% payment each match they play as per now.
Best players bonus and win jackpot will continue to be paid exactly as now - no change.

What will change is lump sum trauma payment after 5 weeks only.

For example if R18 to R22 Trauma payment is $200,000
Then you might only get the full $200,000 if you Trauma a player with average Nervous rate over 32% for the 5 weeks.
But would get $200,000 x 95% = $190,000 if you Trauma a player with average Nervous Rate of 28% to 32% for the 5 weeks.

And further reductions for taking Trauma on less risky players.


Roll over Guelfi for the rest of the season 100%


Game is closed to new investment decisions until Nervous rates are posted Tuesday evening.