Panic Dollars Game 2018 Results: Blitzcoin millionaire Skip27 wins from Nod and Benny


“Aaron, do you want to come down for a game this week?, no pressure”…


Daniher 50%
Zerrett 50%


Cool your jets a bit longer. Game not open for investment changes until Tuesday after injury report.


Injury report out early - so may as well get this party started.

Here are final rates for JLT2 - game is open for new investments or changes. Also it is not too late for new Gamers to join and start playing.


I will split my cash in 4 equal ways please:


All on TBC thanks guv.


50% Bellcho and 50% on Myers thanks.


I’m all in on the Marty Party.

Interpretation : 100% Marty Gleeson


Lets just roll with Hooker…


50% Gleeson
50% Stewart



Trauma Conor 100%


50% TBC
50% Fantasia


No locks until next week, Round 1.


its gonna be my lock every 3 rounds then.

warming up.


50% each on Hooker and McGrath, please.


I suggest you wait till you see what the bonus payments are for locks before you make a decision about R1.

Meanwhile, are you rolling on with 100% McKenna for JLT2 ?


100% on conor alld ay erry day.


50 Jerrett 50 Draper




50% Smack
50% Dea

thanks :slight_smile: