Panic Dollars Game 2018 Results: Blitzcoin millionaire Skip27 wins from Nod and Benny


Squad has been trimmed to 24.

Of those selected in squad McKernan and Long offered the highest return. The players most picked by Gamers were Gleeson, TBC and Stewart who all delivered at 40%.

Of the players who missed Fantasia, Guelfi, Hartley, Jerret, Redman and Draper each had 1 Gamer selecting them. So there wasn’t too much damage …

JLT2 Missed squad

… except for the only Gamer who missed with both his selections @Riolio the leader, who fell 9 places.


As advertised.


Woohoo a win.

Calculations and new holdings and rankings are posted below. Although since there were no late changes rankings are the same as were posted on Friday.

Click on any of the pics and they should open up as a slide show you can click through.

No game next weekend. But tomorrow I will post the lump sum bonuses you will get if you successfully lock in a player over 2, 3 or 5 matches. So you will have plenty of time to mull over those. I will post the bonus payments for the first 12 rounds up to the Bye.


can there be a whole season lock?


I think you’ve already asked this. No - 5 weeks is max. But if you want you can re-lock for another 5 weeks after each expires.


OK - here are the bonus payments for lock options.

  • Anxiety option is a 2 match lock - each player lock for this option locks up 50% of your funds, so you can only do this for 2 players max. If your player actually plays you also get the weekly nervous return payments each match.
  • Stress option is a 3 match lock - each player lock for this option locks up 50% of your funds, so you can only do this for 2 players max. If your player actually plays you also get the weekly nervous return payments each match
  • Trauma option is a 5 match lock - a player lock for this option locks up 100% of your funds, so you can only do this for 1 player. If your player actually plays you only get a flat 10% weekly return payment each match.

If your player plays all the games in the lock period you get the following bonus payments at the end of the period.

Bonus payments R1 to R12

You get the payment shown when you start the lock, not when it ends. For example a successful Trauma lock starting from round 1 will get you $1,692 at the end of round 5 (not $7,409).

For all lock options if your player does not play, there is the same cost penalty as for the Nervous/weekly players. Your funds remain locked up for the full period, even if the lock fails in the first week.

For Anxiety and Stress options, you are locking up your funds into 1 or 2 players. You do not lock the Nervous weekly return rate - this rate still changes week to week for that player.

I have done rates for the full year - but only published those up to the bye. I may change the later ones depending on how these go. However, I won’t change anything in a way that disadvantages anyone - i.e. if someone is already in a lock a rule change will not start until they come out of the lock.

Ask any questions if this is not clear.


Thanks for that @Kay_Eff_See now I have two weeks worth of hypotheticals to play with in excel to see what my best option is only to be undone by Woosha at the selection table :slight_smile:


Exciting week … countdown to round 1 when pre-season hype comes up against reality.

Here are draft Nervous rates for Round 1 - so you can start thinking about them. Final rates will be posted on Tuesday arvo after club’s injury report when the game is opened up for investment changes.

To complete the story, here are the bonus rates for locked selections that start this round. These aren’t draft, they will not change.


It is still not too late to join, for any Gamer who would like to start in Round 1.


OK we finally got an injury report.

The game is open for new investments for Round 1. The final rates for Round 1 are below.


Remember the game is Friday night, so there may be some team announcements earlier than normal this week.


I’ll have $1 on Laverde, and the rest Stressed on Stewart.
Edit: Screw it, make it $10 on Laverde.


Trauma conor


WOW. I’d have gone all in on Myers and or McNeice but had already chosen a different strategy.

Trauma the captain. Good ole Grizzly Heppell himself to play the first 5 rounds thanks.


Let me know if this is fine lock in:

Trauma 25% - Parish
Stress 25% each on Dea and Baguley
Remaining 25% on Hartley for this week


Hopefully you are not the kiss of death, you went all in on Gleeson last game.


No, sorry. One trauma player uses 100% of your money so you cannot do anything else. Similarly each Stress uses 50% of your money so if you stress 2 players you have spent 100%. You are trying to spend 200% of your money, and still want some left over for Hartly. Unless you are Jesus Christ and doing a neat trick with loaves and fishes it is not gonna fly.


Stress - Stewart
Remaining funds on Langford - Nervous


How much are you putting on Stewart? Min is 50% but you can do more.


Apologies, just saw on your reply to redbull’s post it looked like the 50% was mandatory for Stress investments.

50% Stewart - Stress
50% Langford - Nervous


Ok got it.

I will just choose to stress Baguley and Dea then.


50% Heppell - Stress
50% Hartley - Nervous