Photos you‘ve taken


I picked up a 10 stop ND when Mainline had a clearance sale. You basically cant see through it! Lol.


Yes, pretty much have to use manual mode with a 10 stop. I use an app to calculate the shutter speed. You look at the shutter speed without the filter, put that number into the app and it will give you the seconds required for a correct exposure.



I’m a sucker for street work. Nice.


This one looks pretty dark on the phone, might have underexposed a bit too much.


Sherbrooke Forest, Kallista end:


St Kilda sunset

It has, unfortunately, been copied a million times to other people’s websites.


Im sure thats a stillframe from Raiders, Deck.



Tried to take photos of the lightning about. I decided to move the tripod as I wasn’t getting much luck while the camera was on a take 1000 photo run through. It was only about half way through but when I was moving the tripod accidentally got this photo. Using a ND8 filter. No other editing.

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I got the chance to play golf at Pebble Beach recently, and took these photos:


Until using a computer screen i couldnt make out much of this on the phone. Then i saw the lightning.



What station is that @saladin?




Surprised you didn’t get some of the station too. Very old Victorian station from memory.


A couple from my recent trip to my inlaws farm at Kulin in WA