Photos you‘ve taken


Yeah, Im not short on pics of the old station. Nor of the viaduct bridge. Its an old stomping ground.


Lovely soft lighting in those two, swoods.


That sky is spectacular in the 2nd one.


I used a filter setting on my camera called “Dramatic Tone” for that one. It’s great when there are clouds around


Yep, its worked really well there.

What are you shooting with?


an Olympus EM-10

And with regards to the light, it was late afternoon, the sun was getting low and there was a bit of cloud around to lessen any harshness.


Ha! I would have guessed Olympus. Excellent camera’s (PenF owner here. Also use Panasonic MFT).


My first serious camera was an Olympus (OM-30) and since then, I’ve always bought them.



I took these two on the weekend. You can clearly see the alpha centauri and also the southern cross. Pity about those wispy clouds and light polution.



I would assume some of you guys here use filters. I’ve been researching both nd and polarising. However I’m leaning towards just an nd for the moment as I like the idea of long exposure during the day. Any reccomendations or hints?


Pentax K200D, Sigma 70-300 (on Auto - I’m not quick enough to stuff around)







Large birds are scary things.


Mr Percival!