Photos you‘ve taken


Thanks both of you for the quick replies. I’m gonna go read up on the FZ1000. Hopefully I can get to a store soon and play with some to see how they feel to me.

Edit: hmm, the FZ1000 looks great but bulky like my DSLR. I think slim and light is a go for me. The trade off between having a nice zoom like the TZ100 and great max aperture like the others makes it a tough choice.


When you say portraits, what are you hoping for?

If the X100F appeals but is too expensive the Fuji X70 might appeal. But the lens is a little wider and not as fast. It still has the apsc xtrans sensor though, which is a good thing. It will produce great IQ but obviously the fixed lens (28mm eq) requires a different approach.

If you do like a fixed 28mm lens, the Ricoh Gr is a great camera.

Pana LX100 is also a great little camera. Good fun to use, lots of external controls and a decent size sensor (although it doesnt use all of it in certain aspect ratios). Its now a runout model and top value imo. Has an EVF too and the lens is good though not a huge zoom range.

The Rx100 range is good in IQ but Sony ergo’s can be a bit hit and miss for some people. Mkiii and beyond have a nifty little popup EVF. Smaller sensor but probably just as good for IQ most of the time.

Keep in mind that the smaller the sensor, the less ability to throw backgrounds out of focus. Hence asking what you want from portraits.

The super zooms are obviously far more versatile but generally slower and will stretch the iso capabilities of the sensor.


Cheers Sal. Yeah, I’ve been reading plenty on pretty much all of what you say here. I’d like some zoom functionality rather than a fixed lens, as a lot of what I take is of the moment - like my kid doing something amusing, or perhaps a street scene - and I often want to close in the frame rather than position myself or have to crop later.

I do like bokeh and having the subject sharp in focus with the background blurry. Looking at sample galleries of the LX100 I’m thinking it might be a good fit for me. It’s now three years old but still seems to hit a lot of the points for good IQ and at a good price (around ¥60,000 new here in Japan but being sold in less and less places these days, so similar price to the TZ100, with the others discussed being a bit more expensive). And Panasonic don’t seem to be in a hurry to release a newer model of it.

Thanks, I’m gonna mull it over some more.


There IS some talk that an Lx200 is not far away, but tbh i wouldn’t worry about it unless your budget can handle the inevitable price jump.

Keep in mind that with the m4/3 sensor and a lens that is actually a 34mm/2.8 (75mm equivalent) at the long end, bokeh wont be plentiful unless you can get in fairly close. But looking at samples online, it seems there’s enough to give some subject isolation in casual portraits.

Also shoots 4k video if thats your thing, but no option for external mic etc.

Its a good little camera with (imo) excellent external controls if the zoom range suits.


Yeah I’ve been reading the rumours about the LX200. I thought I’d wait a few weeks as Panasonic are expected to make announcements in early Nov supposedly.


It looks like the announcement on 8th November will not be an LX200. Nor, unfortunately ( from my perspective, lol) a GX9.




But no tooth decay for this fox…


Come at me, bro.


Somewhere between shot 1 and 2 would have been nice!






After sprinklers, elsewhere in the garden.


This may be near abstract, but it still resulted in a lot of stuff to pick out of your socks.


Stupid bright sun: I thought I’d included all of the nearest tree in the frame.


A quick duck down results in the story wanted: a second person in front is entirely hidden behind the subject of the photo.


Hanging Rock, Sat. Nov 4th

Had a good look for Miranda, but couldn’t find her.
Taken with an IPhone 6S






took this last night at Etihad on my phone (samsung galaxy 6)