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l have been a Nikon lover and use for the last 25 years before that l couldn’t afford one. The advent of phone based cameras has eaten into traditional camera sales l am sure, and l have contemplated selling my gear off, but each time l know l will only ever really think about it. Nikon make wonderful cameras and lenses. I have gone from an 801 body, to an F4S, to my current D2S. I still have the first lens l bought with the 801, a 75 - 300 mm, and it is a brilliant bit of kit News that Nikon is having some issues doesn’t surprise me. They need to tie in with a phone company like Leica did with Huewai. I will buy one of their phones next year, mainly because of their Leica developed camera. l will still keep my Nikon gear unless someone makes me a ridiculous offer for it, which is not going to happen, but l won’t feel compelled to lug it around everywhere with me. The Huewai camera is brilliant as well.


Where do you guys upload your photos now that Photobucket will charge for third party hosting?


You can Upload straight off the photo library of your device now using the following icon once you hit reply.
I use an IPad…it’s simple as.


Hill Inlet, back of Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Is, late September.


Thanks, bltn!

Now I need to fetch back all those images from Photobucket.


Indeed they have. The small point and shoot market is basically dead in the water due to camera phones.

So the big market now for the traditional (and to a lesser extent more recent ones like Sony) camera brands is the top end, semi pro gear. Its becoming more clever, but more expensive.

But there are hints that this itself is reopening a market for more simple, retro feeling cameras again. Film is slowly reappearing, though it will never be what it was. I recently picked up this old girl - a german made interchangeable RangeFinder that didn’t come out of Leitz! - in part as a collection interest but also as a promise to use it:

1957 vintage, No metering, max shutter speed of 1/500, no iso dx coding, optical rangefinder focusing… hmmm, I foresee a lot of wasted film, lol. But hey, its a nice thing to own if you like camera’s. absolute bare essentials.

. Fuji are doing well off traditional layout cameras. Leica have always been expensive and niche, but the latest M10 sticks to the three key items - Iso, Shutter, Aperture - ditches a lot of ancillary functions and is loved by its users.

Interesting times.


I’ve been away from Australia the best part of a year and seeing this really made me feel homesick. Idk why but I just think this pic is really lovely :slight_smile:


That there is what our flag could look like.


Photobucket’s still around?

Imgur is the only way to go.


In my defence, it was dark and I was 100 metres away and (some) people were rocking out with their ■■■■■ out in the rather flimsy grandstand.

This is one of the better ones.


Enjoying the sun in the Chinese Gardens…




From tonight?


Yep. From my garage. Was a bit too much rain for a clearer view.


You got the last one in Raw by any chance?


I do. Would you like it?



Took this while I was out playing golf last weekend.


Used the download icon but when I posted it only showed the photo file description not the photo???