Plastic bags


That prompted me to start this thread. And hearing Andrew Bolt say not providing plastic bags could kill people (unhygienic). Pathetic Australia.


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This is a ■■■■ take right? This cannot be an actual grievance for people?


Funnily enough he has no problem with actually killing people by not giving our sick, elderly, disadvantaged, unemployed, enough money for proper food, or to run heaters in the middle of winter, or to buy vital meds not on the pbs etc.


Sadly it is.


If these supermarkets took away the thin bags and didn’t offer an in store solution then sure that would make it difficult for those who have to shop without their usual system in place. Or have been caught tout.

But 15 cents for a bag. Hardly going to break the bank. Probably a fraction of the crap they may be paying $$ for anyway without thinking about it. And it can be reused.

This me-centricness (it’s a word, yeah??) of some is the problem. FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS.


All this outrage over bags, I’ve said it before, but as a race humans are devolving.


best thing for the rest of the world is if we disappeared completely


Weeeell, 90% of us.

Buzz not it!


This so much.
Even us normally backwards Adelaide folk are more progressive. We have had this system for years and people grizzled initially but before long no one will give a crap


I prefer ‘solipsism‘ myself, or ‘egocentricity’


For most it would work out to be $1-2 a week at most.
I’m sure the kids will eat the cheaper chockies if they had to.


Same in Tassie


They used to provide them years ago but I think they were more expensive than the supermarkets were prepared to pay.
18 months in the ground and they disintegrated when you pulled them out.


I prefer to make up words.


There’s simply no way a sufficient number of people were genuinely upset about this.


and it’s not like Coles didn’t have “doing the right thing” on their side.

Let’s see how long indefinite lasts.


Charging for check out bags is a no brainer but what about all the bags used in the vegie section. We use the paper bags provided for mushrooms and have started taking paper bags. My better half also takes a string bag with her but her tip is to get them to weigh before using it, for instance she found the string bag added 27c to half a dozen apples.
The problem is remembering but having to pay more sharpens the mind up nicely.


I was pretty sure I saw a ghost outside last night but, after reading this thread, it might have been a plastic bag.


Yeah, … Woolies have fully embraced it and are saying they aren’t turning back, … so Coles might see it as a chance to steal a few rusted on Woolies folk, … and indefinite means around a Month or 2.