Gave us Hanson & Roberts into the Senate?

And another 2-3 years of Boneless & co?


500 MTs…that would be x10 more powerful than the Tsar Bomba (largest nuke ever detonated) @ 50 MT


You don’t seem to understand what democracy is, its job is to curtail the rights of others in favour of the masses, so the autonomy of the many is reflected in the laws… see: John Locke.

Now, there are certain limitations on that depending on the democratic model… in america it swings both ways… they have lots of Guns, and SSM.

Here… we have less guns wielded, but no SSM. Probably because the interpretation of what constitutes what a autonomous human can be allowed to do differs based on their philosophical arguments.

What do you prefer more liberal Gun laws with SSM or Stricter Gun laws with no SSM?


They’d want to have a decent lunch room, at least. And, convenient parking.


Yeah, too many zeros. Funnily enough I never seem to make that mistake with bank transfers…


Your mob gave us this liberal government


The “Davey Crocket” is a wonderful little device for surgically cleaning up Melbourne. I started with Princes Park.


I missed all the talk after that post - my bad


you are definitely more than one sandwich short of a picnic.

In your view, democracy is about the many screwing over the few.


TBF, that was more really just one of them,. K Rudd, ably assisted in concert with the Murfuch press, … but it was Tricky (not as tricky as he thought he was) Dicky, who let Malcolm the Boneless off the ropes when 3 more months would have by any metric seen them gone, for what he thought would be their political gain, … which in the end, could not have been more opposite to the outcome.

Now, hes lost the 2 best members of the group through lackadaisical unprofessional practices,. are at war with the NSW branch, fluffed their chance at having input into the “Gonski 2.0” by arrogantly thinking they were the only path & holding out for minutiae, whilst at the same time losing support by not flat out opposing the cuts as their base & the NSW branch wanted them to, and as they should have in the first place, and their polling is going off a cliff.

I said it a while ago,… Richard wants,(or wanted too/believed they could) become the new Democrats, but you simply can’t be both the sensible centre and hard left at the same time, & they seem to be fast becoming a rabble.

Hate to say I told you so,… but …


The fact that you fail to recognise the incompetence of your own party failing to win the unloseable election doesn’t show me any evidence that your right on this either.


How exactly was it unlosable??

The polls were showing 50 50, with both them & Malcolm showing a steady decline over 12 months, and they just got over the line.

Which was exactly why they wanted to go early to a DD election, … which the Dikk then allowed them to. Worked out just fine tactically for the Lib’s, they knew exactly what they needed to do.

For DiNutorie??,… Not so much.

And, I have to say,… many of their supporters I know, see it that way, and are saying they don’t know what the Greens actually stand for anymore.


In that the incumbent was the worst performed party in 60 years, and all labor had to do was prove how they were going to be good at running the country and better than a complete rabble, instead they played the man and lost.

The fact that it was 50/50 leading Into the election was testament to how bad and unconvincing a campaign they ran, and how unrelatable shorten was.

Be better than Abbot and Turnbull, that’s all he had to do, herpies is a better option than either of those two .

So many people went to minority’s because of how ■■■■ and unconvincing labor were. Libnat ran a term that handed labor government on a platter and they ■■■■■■ it.


How anyone can barrack for a party that had leaders like Hawke and Keating and think anything from the last 20 years is passable is evidence to how far the party has fallen.


I don’t think you can say the last election was unlooseable. It’s very, very hard to turf a first term government. Even though they were terrible the Rudd/Gillard years were still fresh for a lot of swing voters. Labour did well/ or Libs did poorly to get as close as they did.


The only real thing you say is about Shorten, and I agree, he was unrelatable.

But it was what it was, and 3 months more would have seen them win it, because Bill was winning that battle by pointing out what a spineless sycophant Turdball wa, and the electorate were swinging…

Richard saved their bacon,… and shot his own party in the foot in the process, and began a decline in support from their base, which has shown no signs yet of reversing.

And minors like PHON only ended up with so many seats because of the 5 rather than 10% needed for senate seats in a double diss election, … which Ricky thought would work for the Greens and get them more seats, … but instead they went backwards by one.

Do you still really support this guy and are happy with the party’s direction at the moment?

Most Greens I know as I said, vary from ■■■■■■ off,.“Turnbull played Richard like a fkn Fiddle” type rhetoric, … to at the least, .very disillusioned.


See what BD is doing here, spends one paragraph not really addressing the question, then the next 4 playing the man and deflecting.

Look, I’m on the side of the greens fence who is reasonably happy with what RDN has done, the greens had to evolve for the sake of the country, 6 years ago most of the country saw the greens as a party of people who were pushing for the country to all ride bikes while wearing hessian bags. The further to the centre labor moved the more the greens have had to transition into being a viable alternative who in theory represented a broader view than the hippies from the far left. Which they have done.

The pantie wetting that Labor acolytes have done to do with most of what the greens are doing is born out of the reality that in a lot of ways the greens are a) better representing the left, b) taking labor votes, and c) actually getting ■■■■ done.


More like LABORE! LOL.


Hmm, … I see Tony Burke as they guy I wish was fronting them more & more lately.

Although Bill performed pretty well on QnA last night. He is certainly improving.


The Greens under Milne got it wrong by refusing to compromise with Rudd on climate change and then insisting on a carbon tax ( which was really only a transitional measure) as the price for supporting Gillard.
Look where that got them on their climate change objectives.