I hope Hanson & Roberts aren’t porking on the back seat of it when it goes up in flames, … that would be tragic …


Just so we’re clear, you can confirm that your political preference is Pauline Hanson’s One Nation ahead of The Greens?


JBombs middle name is Atilla.

Has pictures of John Howard and Tone in his wallet; I thought they were his Parents.


Yeah, you’re probably right, 13% is a fair whack for them. The big swing towards them in Ipswich is staggering and disheartening - after all we know snd have seen of Malcolm Roberts people still thought he was worth voting for. It beggars belief.


It doesn’t when the reality of the fact that there are a lot of people who are ■■■■■■■ stupid.

It’s basically racist dumbass party

If you are racist or a dumbass they have your needs covered


It is a bit scary that ON ran second on primary votes in a number of seats. It is drawing LNP votes, as the Greens are doing to Labor in inner Melbourne.
At least Dixon, the former LNP front bencher and State ON leader, went down in flames.


No, what is scary is the LNP, who have experience in navigating coalitions are finding effective ways to work with PHON seeing as they for the most part are resigned to the fact they are not going away any time soon.

What is even more scary than that, is Labor and the Greens inability to see that’s its in the best interests of the country that they find a way to work together, it’s a massive ■■■■■ fest of 2 petulant children in QLD between those two. So much so that I’ve walked away from it recently and am strongly considering starting an independent party and running for the senate.


So much so that I’ve started to process to renounce my Dutch citizenship. Working shopping the names. Education First party, or Future Generations Party


Don’t think the Blitz vote goes deep enough in QLD… maybe you should move to a more civilised state…


What are you doing in the Deep North, Ben ? I always thought you were living somewhere near Framlingham in the Warrnambool area.


Quitter !

LNP and PHON share ideology, so it is easy to see them working together.

Labor and Greens share no ideology, and why would Labor tryst Greens after they have screwed us over in most areas.


Nah, Toowoomba, long story short my wife’s research takes us all around, were were there for a bit, then Adelaide, then Country NSW, now here.


That’s my point, they should. They are both suppose to be parties who represent social equalities, justice, environment and education.


That’s a hell of a long way from Vic Country ! Thanks for putting me straight anyway, mate.


I know Labor represents hem, but not sure Greens actually do.

Parliamentary history shows both Federally and in Victoria, that Greens consistently block good initiatives, with an all or nothing mentality.

After about 46 years in politics, the one true thing I know is that if you always want your own way, then are going to be severely disappointed and ineffective.

Join One Nation and change them from within.


this is my point perfectly illustrated BF.

Labor have moved well away on all those things except education. Greens at least at the member level are very passionate about all the above. I personally believe the Greens should not be focusing attention on Labor seats, and should be concerting their efforts on seats they can take from the LNP. With that being said, the way Labor have treated the greens recently when it comes to preferences, then I absolutely don’t blame them for going at them these days. Rusted on ■■■■■■ think they still own the left and they have forgot to noticed just how much to the right they have moved.


Labor core values are fairness and equality. We are the social justice Party, and that we have not communicated it well enough. And with respect, I have seen Greens sell out the environment for years, and again blocked Labor policy by siding with LNP.

And my history of Labor/ Greens relationships goes back to when the Greens started, and my experience is that the Greens are the rats on any deals or co-operation. Locally we have tried hard to work with Greens against the Tories, but they would rather work with the Libs.

Whitlam was a right-winger in Labor, as were Hawke and Keating; truth is that Labor today is further to the Left than anytime since I joined in 1971. Reality is that Rudd / Gillard Governments did a great job to legislate what they did, without majorities. No-one owns the Left; well Socialist Alliance think they do, but they are really batshit crazy.

Compare the Bob Brown Greens to today, and consider where Greens are getting their votes; not traditional Labor voters, but wealthy, educated, who are gentrifying Brunswick, Northcote etc.

Move back to Melbourne, Labor will take you in and shelter you from harm.


I actually agree with all of that, the greens should be working more with Labor, this is actually a big part of what is frustrating me about them at the moment, but every Labor MP ■■■■ canning the greens any chance they get doesn’t help, there needs to be a cease fire. It’s literraly costing the country, there are plenty of old value Brownies still in the party. But it’s a power struggle between the new and old. Problem is this is all getting neither party anywhere.


Watching the QLD election coverage it looked like the Greens helped Labor to win several seats through preferences. Obviously Greens are much closer to Labor in terms of policy than they are to ON and liberals.


Depends on your definition of help. It would be a greater help if Greens didn’t exist

On paper both Parties policy have similar elements, but policy and practice never seem to coincide for Greens.