Unfortunately its an aging population tho


To be fair, there aren’t many politicians that don’t come across as self-serving smarmy ■■■■■■.

Edit: Seriously swear filter? Prick is ok in singular form but not in plural? Farken Hodor.


If Dutton or Morrison replace him, going from bad to worse.


Need a big swing and clear majority Labor gov - and I don’t vote labor atm.

I think their tune has changed somewhat and some decisive policy decisions on refugees, housing, energy, tax, Medicare etc are needed.

Not a pretty thought though


My only real problem with Shorton is his lack of appeal, and by extension his parties appeal in general

Seriously how ■■■■ so you actually have to be to for it to be a question of who is the better option out of yourself as pm and your party to govern over the worst government we have had in 80 years?

You know your bad when you can’t look better than the incumbent and growing numbers are swinging to the PHONS, Xenaphons and Greens of the world.


Unbelievable, Cash claiming in the Senate that the length of time a staffer worked in her office is subject to the public interest immunity .
And the AWU can’t find the staffer who fell on his sword on the leak to the media to serve a subpoena on him.


No 60 plus person I know votes Liberal


Whereas all the ones I know do, haha. They love Pauline, though.

More and more I hear, “We just need a leader who has conviction! Who will just DO something!” They can never tell me what they should do. Just… “ANYTHING!”

Working for Trump supporters :roll_eyes:


That is frogshit even benno.

I bet you have never met Bill Shorten and judge him on Fairfax /Newscorp. He has done a great job as Leader and while I didn’t vote from him, I am glad he won. He will make a great PM.


I don’t talk to this type of moron.


That may very well be the case, but he can’t meet everybody personally in the country.


Shorten would do well to promote his team as a group of leaders. After all we aren’t quite the US yet. Obviously little sneaks like Sam D dont make things easy but talk team, united front, subvert personality politics and posit himself as a very experienced coordinator of talent while projecting the absolute opposite on the Squibs.

Labour are so bad at capitalising on good fortune, have to wonder where their advisers are coming from and why they’re paying them. I’m very glad there’s a strong indie in my electorate.


And come on he is only showing as 34% in preferred PM polls

Yet the party as a whole is way in front

A block of cheese could probably poll higher


I wouldn’t vote for Gouda.


So counting continues in Qld almost a week after the election. Not sure why it takes that long - it’s gone from about 75% counted to 83% over about 3 whole days. Labor only needs one more now though, with 6 still to call.
Interesting inconsistency between the Courier Mail and Brisbane Times (Fairfax), with the former reporting 39 LNP seats vs 36 at the latter. Surely they have the same data


Yep farking popularity polls are really important

Bill beats down all the allegations from a royal commission, unites a bitterly divided ALP and puts out over 100 solid, workable policies, and you think a populArity poll is important. Greens sometimes have a heart, but never have a brain.


Is it because it would be a dual citizen?


Surely by now you realise that popularity plays an enormous part in who gets elected?


Alice Workman now reporting that subpoena has been served on staffer but Cash asking for her subpoena to be set aside
When you have to swear under oath in a court , no wonder. Not surprising that AFL raises all the legal straw dogs to prevent Gil and Fitzpatrick appearing.
Workman also reporting Cash’s attack on her, Cash overruled by the Chair that Workman could not factually report conversations at the Committee


FMD. Dutton saying that the Banking and Financial Servjces Royal Commission an opportunity to investigate Union links to super funds,
Coalition has already done a Union Royal Commission.