Well Ben, then it demonstrates how naive our Voters are.

Might be valid in a Presidential system like the USA, where POTUS rules the Country, but in our Westminster Parliamentary democracy, the PM has no such power or role, and the Opposition Leader has no power at all. Both have jobs to lead and be spokesperson for their Parliamentary Party, and whether they are popular or not should be irrelevant.

In fact for some large egos, like KRudd, popularity just added to his dictatorial style which led to his downfall.

Now I have always subscribed to respect for our Leaders, and whether I like Abbott, Turnball, Rudd, Shorten or Gillard has no merit in how I decide to vote. In fact,my vote is all about Policy and how it is good for me, my family and my Nation.

Leaders such as Shorten have copped criticism over many things, and having read above a rebuke for Shorten for arriving in Tasmania after miners were rescued to take the limelight, is amusing and factually incorrect, but sounds like a good story to beat up on a Leader so why not. We do it all the time, and the scrutiny and unbending bad publicity that James Hird endured is just another example of our willingness to bring those Tall Poppies down.

If Bill Shorten was not belittled by the NewsCorp/Fairfax media then he is probably not doing his job, and after being cleared of any wrong doing by a Royal Commission, he is still “not liked”. As I said I have now met Bill a number of times and I like him, I respect the hard work and character he showed in uniting a Labor Party after the Rudd debacle and think he has the aptitude and resolve to Lead our Nation. I do like him, but did not vote for him.

As you know I am no fan of the Greens and while I do like much of their policy I am disappointed in their approach and actions. I have never met Richard DiNatale, and do not dislike him at all, and I respect him as a Leader. He has done some dumb things, but who hasn’t.

It has always been a great lament of mine that Australia generally loves kicking our Leaders and other greats in the Community. Whether it be Bill Shorten, Tony Abbott, Mal Turnball or James Hird, they deserve our respect for their efforts and not our scorn.


I can only hope that there are people who look at other things, but yeah, I feel a lot of people vote for the party on who they’d like for PM


I would rather twenty Sam D’s than have even one Erica betz.


Have to admit, the banks have politicked this very skillfully and effectively.

The libs will set royal commission terms of reference that prevent the commissioner looking into anything actually meaningful, but will allow them to say there was a royal commission. They’ll set a reporting date before the next election so if the ALP win govt the commission will already be over and the terms of reference can’t be extended. If the ALP want to actually investigate the banks seriously they’ll have to start up ANOTHER royal commission, which will be easily portrayed as witchhunt.

Yeah, the banks have done this very well. Watching them work, it’s kinda like watching some Pie rip us up on Anzac day. ■■■■ people being very effective and successful in a cause that’s ■■■■.

The only way it could possibly come undone is if there’s a big scandal in the interim which is NOT covered by the terms of reference. But I suspect that won’t happen, cos stuff like vertical integration, political donations, and ‘too big to fail’ (which are the big turds in the middle of the room that the commission is being firmly instructed to avoid looking at) are long-term and systematic issues that result in the slow erosion of competition and democracy, rather than problems that lead to big flashy headlines like ‘pensioner X loses life savings cos of dodgy banker,’

Disclaimer: I am contracting to a bank currently, so i hope none of them read this…


Banks say no Royal Com, … Boneless says no RC,… Banks write a letter to the spine;ess one saying Ok, have RC we’ll set the terms, … Boneless says we’ll have an RC,… on these terms to cover up the worst of the Banks bastardry.

You know who runs the country when the Libs are in power now, … if you didn’t already.

It’s never been more obvious and clear.

Fk them.


I live in hope that it might all go wrong like the Costigan Royal Commission into the Painters and Dockers which brought down the bottom of the Harbour tax evasion schemes( which the ATO was prevented from pursuing).
Whatever the terms of reference and conclusions, this one will have strong social justice elements.
And I hope it exposes the CBA super fund scheme with the CBA lining up with certain employers as the default fund and which effectively pushes those in the scheme to be insured through CommInsure, which is a joke for those trying to claim through it.
The journos are already on to the Bank super fees.


They only paid out my mates terminal illness when he appeared on the 7:30 report. They are scum.


Does the rc have to be approved by majority in both houses? Hope it’s blocked until the terms of reference are reasonable. I’m tired of hearing the “increased funding cost” excuse for loan interest rate increases.


Royal Commissions , including their TOR /appointments are the prerogative of the Executive ; Parliament has no vote. Turnbull would have seen it as a better option than a Parliamentary Inquiry.


Cheers - i was sure I’ve read in a couple of places that several government mps were threatening to cross the floor in favor of a banking rc.


Not too impressed that they’re trying to add super into the banking enquiry, as if the banks provide a quality of product remotely near as good as industry super.


But unions…


Lol. Reports of a 10% swing towards Joyce in New England. The guy didn’t even turn up to the local debates.


Government has apparently bounced back in opinion polls. Why? The royal commission backflip?


Yup, … that and SSM on the way now.

They are slowly but surely taking away the ammunition.


LABOR leader Bill Shorten visited Chinese businessman Huang Xiangmo at his Sydney mansion, reportedly months after the party received a warning from ASIO.
Fairfax Media reports Mr Shorten and his family visited Mr Huang’s home in March 2016 to solicit funds for the Labor Party’s federal election campaign ads.
This was after security agencies briefed ALP national secretary George Wright in October 2015 on Mr Huang’s ties to the Chinese Communist Party.


Don’t all successful Chinese business people have links to the Chinese Communist Party? This is a fraud. Both governments will sell or lease Australian assets to Chinese government linked entities yet Australian politicians can’t talk to them? Get f*cked.


This is our Russia. The level of influence the Chinese are trying to exert on Aus is pretty high. Most Uni’s are struggling to stop them and the amount of Chinese hacking is large.


People connected to Huang out there campaigning for Alexander in Bennelong. Huang has contributed to Liberals as well as Labor. Has he never met with Liberals, gloriously or otherwise?


Meanwhile, The Daily Telegraph reports Mr Huang’s former adviser, Tim Xu, has joined the Liberal campaign for John Alexander in the Bennelong by-election.

Now it’s clear why Mr Huang’s private meetings with ALP figures are being exposed. Might be more mud to come this week. Big Asian vote in Bennelong.

Party leaders should stay far away from fundraising (unless it’s coming from their own pockets).