It’s indicative of how far left this board is that his post has already got 5 likes.


Again my post above. The daily Age and Saturday Age supported Malcom Turnbull the small l Liberal at the last election.

So your wrong again as the evidence clearly shows.


Always wrong, … 100% so,… 100% of the time,… so, you know… meh.


And News Ltd supported Rudd in his first run at PM.


Insightful as always.
Point out 5 right of centre opinion writers at Few Facts.


I’ll kick off.
Amanda Vanstone.

I mean…I haven’t read it in five years, but still.

Edit: If Kevin '07 is relevant, then that must count.
I like quizzes.


Rupe’s second favourite hobby is king making in the antipodes. News Ltd will swing with his rancid breath. It’s a credible set of organs, if you’re one of those people who doesn’t read too much.


Those born to lead are definitely Rupert nob gogglers


Nah mate, Vanstone didn’t like Abbott so she’ll be one of Malcolm’s lefty Libs.


Well I am with Perce on this, as I am yet to see any Leftwing media in this Country, and that includes the ABC.

Yep at some elections both Fairfax and even Murdoch have supported Labor in their editorials on Election Day, but very rare and shows how farking bad the Libs must have been. In any case, editorialising on Election Day is a bit late to have much influence.

The Age may on occasion also have Labor or Ex-Labor people write for them, but none are in the Left and most sold out years ago. The Age cannot spell socialist !


Interestingly the Murdoch rags turned on Howard in 2007, when he started talking about carbon pricing.


Okay, let’s start with Fairfax. These are all opinion writers who write from a Green/Left perspective.

The list may be long so bear with me:

Paul McGeough, Clementine Ford, Clem Bastow, Jessica Irvine, Peter Fitzsimmons, Martin Flanagan, Elizabeth Farrelly, Waleed Aly, Domenic Knight, Mark Kenny, Latika Bourke, Dee Madrigan, Jane Caro

You can test this out if you like. Do a search of any of their articles and list one which comes from a right of centre perspective.
Warning: reading Elizabeth Farrelly is a health hazard.

List of Green Left presenters at their ABC.
Wendy Harmer, Jon Faine, Fran Kelly, Virginia Trioli, Jane Caro-Meldrum, Tony Jones, Emma Alberici, Barrie Cassidy, Quentin Dempster, Sami Shah, Waleed Aly, the entire Triple J staff

Again, a cursory look at their twitter feed will show they have never had anything positive to say about right of centre politics and invariably come from a Green perspective.

And just further, if you look at The Grauniad you will see that nearly all writers are ex Fairfax or ABC. Nobody could argue that the Grauniad is anything but stridently anti conservative and pro hard Left politics.


Ever since The Age abandoned it’s broadsheet layout, it’s tried to cut into the Herald Suns market share with spelling mistakes, lawsuits and, online click bait about My Kitchen Rules.

I read how once in the 70’s, staff at The Australian went on strike when asked to turn the heat up on Whitlam.


Don’t forgot were getting in early targeting the kids too.

“THERE’S something a little fishy about Finding Nemo, and I don’t mean
the clownfish hero with the gammy fin. I’m talking instead about the too-easy, no-pain, nature-worshipping New Age-ism being pushed by this hit animation.” (A. Bolt)

“Peppa Pig pushes a weird feminist line” (P. Akerman)


Conservative mentality: “The Age and the ABC are left wing mouthpieces, blah, blah, blah. I get my news from moderate bastions of unbiased reporting such as Fox News and other Murdoch Media outlets.”

Pathetically funny.


I remember him having a go at Bambi and Madagascar, too.
What a loon.
Ah, good times.


Are you the same person that stated that the right would be "deliriously happy " if the Age died?
So either you are suffering amnesia or you just say whatever suits if you think it backs up your idiotology (As I pointed out in another thread yesterday).

I’m guessing the latter.


The only people who watch Fox News in Australia are deranged leftists desperately searching for something to be outraged about.


Another point to consider is how Labor and The Greens are so quick to defend FewFacts and the ABC.
They know exactly what side their bread is buttered on and will try to protect both at any cost.


Here’s an example of an unbiased non left newspaper. Amusing stuff. I’d say it’s unheralded to beg your readership to vote for a political party…