Agree with you that the quality has certainly gone down. The good journos/writers have all left and all we are left with now are grumpy old timers with axes to grind and work experience kids straight out of an Arts degree who think Sarah Hanson Young is some sort of political giant.


Might have to start screen shotting the Few Facts lead stories on its web page each day.

We might be able to double it’s readership.


That was the worst Age headline you could find from 2013?


Try looking at the month immediately after Trump was elected. There is a feast of material. Full blown TDS.


Thank you, but no.
You don’t need to convince me that The Age is terrible.


See Trip when you start from the Right of Genghis Khan, you see everyone as Left.

Apart from that the Rhiannon woman in NSW no Greens are Left, Benfti pretends he is, but he is really just a frustrated muso.

None of those you mentioned are Left, all are small l Libs or perhaps progressive democrats. None would fight for or even write about the Socialist Directive which is the basis of us good Labor SL people. None would advocate that the means of production should be Nationalised and none would advocate Banks, Transport, Water, Power and all other Utililies like Communications should also be public run and owned. None would advocate to put all mining into public hands, so how can you say any are Left.

You are a slave to capitalism.


I would.


So would I.


So when exactly are you donating your company to the state?


I left the Greens


When it becomes a real democratic socialist government. How about you ?


I have just the house for you in the Marsh, and I will work on a job for your Wife. I am sure I can arrange gigs at the local Pubs, and our Branch will make you more than welcome.


I’d sooner burn the place down than hand it over to any Gvt. End result would be the same. You don’t see even the tiniest bit of hypocrisy in advocating for socialism & against capitalism all while being a capitalist?


Me too!


Of course not.

By a quirk of fate, that is, I was born here, I live in a capitalist society.

For a very long time I have worked to change the economic system democratically, but because of a majority that selfishly votes rightwing and Labor Governments who would rather be popular (i.e. in office) than true to its ideology., we still have an economy that makes rich people richer and the rest struggle to survive. And if you think an economy such as ours where homeless abound, poverty is growing and opportunity is waning is good then you are part of my problem.

I could be altruistic and exist in sackcloth and ashes, but I choose to use my talent to build a business that employs workers who get well paid and looked after. I make no excuse for making profit and use it to continue the fight. I suppose I could import weapons and start an armed revolutionary movement and bring down the Government by force, and install myself as the benevolent dictator.

I did contemplate once after a week in Havana, moving to Cuba. Sunshine, good food, beautiful women, fraternal socialist paradise, but decided for the good of my fellow Australians to continue to fight for freedom here, and I would miss my Dogs and the footy.


If it’s OK to call other posters silly then your contributions re. the Fairfax press makes you a 'kin idiot.


Very lame. His business is not a utility like power, water and other common weal resources that should be owned and run by the community, for the good of the community, and not someone’s profiteering enterprise. There is no harm in being a merchant - but resources owned by the community that the community relies on to stay alive should not be placed into the hands of money grubbing wankers who think they can operate an enterprise "more efficiently’. You would not be able to offer up one example where a community owned resource/enterprise sold off to the private sector, has benefited all and sundry. The rot started with the war criminal Howard selling off all of Australia’s gold reserves.


Bob Katter has come out and questioned the Townsville and Rockhampton councils over stumping up $34m for an airport for the Adani mine which they will then also lease from Adani. The councils have refused to release details on the deal involving public money citing “commercial in confidence”. I’m pretty confident a few members of those councils have been promised some sweet gigs after politics. Even the mad Katter reckons this looks shonky.


Great post but the rot started well before that war criminal Howard started flogging stuff off to various Tory mates.