so tassie and pokies.

surely noone wants pokies. they are the most depressing thing.

i dontnbuy the whole cost jobs BS. a pokie doesnt take much support from somone, whereas a beer won’t pour itself and a glass doesnt get picked up on its own.

the pokes areba cancer everywhere else.


Just watch how much campaigning dosh Little Willy Hodgeman gets out of the lobby though. Is that realpolitik? Or is it unscrupulous selling out of a citizenry for a bribe?


LOL What a bargain.


I know John Clarke should be in them. Surely that’s him middle front.

(Yes, I know it’s Brandis)


Any Essendon supporter saying that The Age/FairFax is “always independent” is an absolute nuffie. After what happened to us after the supplements saga its very clear that the newspaper has political agendas to push.

At least Murdoch Media is self aware of how right wing it is.


Not enough likes for this post.


If you can find anyone saying that, or a significant number of people saying that in this thread, then that post will resemble something more than a fart in the wind. And you might also find that different departments in news entities have very little to do with each other and practice very differently. The Australian has the best Arts section by a long stretch, quite arty and ‘leftie’ actually. Its politics are unashamedly partisan, to an embarrassing extent. Christ.


Bye, Feeney!

Shame he isn’t re-contesting, so he can be properly kicked out.


Foreign money and Turnbull millions: Discover the donors that helped the Liberals win the election

By political reporter Jackson Gothe-Snape

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is Australia’s largest political donor, according to new disclosures published today.

The disclosures, from the period covering the last federal election, have finally been published — more than a year and a half after voters filled out their ballots.

The information includes a $500,000 pledge to the Liberal Party from Ros Packer, widow of billionaire Kerry Packer, and a $30,000 donation to the NSW Labor Party in May last year from Hong Kong Kingson Investment, the company of China-linked donor Chau Chak Wing.

Malcolm Turnbull’s Coalition won the 2016 election by securing a slim, one-seat majority in Parliament.

He confirmed last year he donated to the party’s campaign, but until now his payments — one of $1 million in October 2016 and one of $750,000 in December 2016 — had not been disclosed. Both payments were not formally made until after the election.

Experts have called for a system of real-time disclosure to improve transparency, however the timing of Mr Turnbull’s donations highlights potential flaws within such a scheme.

Even real-time disclosures would not have revealed the campaign funding from the Liberal leader until after the election.

Dr Charles Livingstone from Monash University said any donations disclosure reform must cover “promises” of funding.

“I suggest that parties be required to declare any such undertakings or pledges in the same way they’re required to declare debts,” he said.

Donations of more than $13,200 were required to be disclosed in the 2016-17 period.

Other notable disclosures include:

  • Queensland Deputy Premier Jackie Trad gave $38,000 to the Queensland ALP.

  • Hong Kong donor Kin Chao Sun gave $50,000 to the West Australian Liberals.

  • The Labor Party disclosed they returned $2,200 in payments from mining company Adani.

  • Seven West chairman Kerry Stokes gave $20,000 to the Liberal Party.

  • Phillip Morris donated to the Liberal Democrats and the National Party.

  • High-end gambler Duncan Turpie gave $150,000 to the Greens.

  • Aus Gold Mining Group, owned by Chinese businesswoman Sally Zou, donated $316,000 to the South Australian division of the Liberal Party.

The scheme does not require multiple donations to different entities of the same party to be disclosed, meaning the source of millions in political funding remains unknown.

Approximately $15 million in donations was disclosed by donors, a small proportion of parties’ total funding.

The Liberal Party received $95 million in funding across its eight separate divisions, which includes donations and other receipts such as investment returns and rent.

The ALP received funding of $71 million, the Nationals $12 million and the Greens $16 million.

Figures for the major parties were up compared to 2015-16 values, despite the period covering only the final two days of the 2016 election campaign.

Search the donors (Bottom of Page)


At a glance that’s an uncomfortable stat.


All up the Lib/Nats got about 107 million in Donations, to Labors 73 odd Mill, … and yet old Boneless still had to dip into his own stash to the tune of 2.25 million, … despite near a 3rd more donated, and all the brainwashing that the Murfoch press, and commercial radio and TV could muster.

But now sadly, …it seems the chance to be rid of these scheming silver spoon fktards has been missed thanks to Richard (you sure are a Dick) DiNatale.

With the economy improving, the big issues dealt with and no way to remove Shorten without Labor shooting themselves in the head, … we’ll likely have a Lieberal Gov continue to Americanise us for another Decade. If jobs and the Econ continue to improve & Bill can still pull off a win, … he is a miracle worker.

Fk you Richard, … seriously, …


And apparently the Ruddster has launched legal action against the ABC over the release of cabinet papers relating to the home insulation scheme.

Busted Kev. It’s the karma you deserve for letting Garret carry the can on your fk up, arrogance and obstinance there, despite him writing you 3 times and telling you umpteen times more that exactly what happened, would happen,




I am not a KRudd fan. A narcissistic ratbag from the get go. You can’t have read the detail of the suit. It is fair enough. Anyway, the whole insulation thing has been blown out of proportion. Four Darwinian deaths does not seem very much. Statistically very small potatoes when compared to work place deaths across the board.


What the actual ■■■■? Darwinian deaths? Small potatoes? It’s not a competition for the most deaths to worry about.


Free enterprise. Free to cut corners. Better than free, funded.


Yes Darwinian. You are correct, it’s not a competition but where is the angst for all the other, overwhelmingly more numerous deaths that happen DAILY? Apart from those unlucky deaths, the insulation thing was a resounding success on several fronts but if you want to believe the lies and rhetorical nonsense spouted by the Murdoch press and the opposition of the time then truth and logic is not something that would be of benefit to the likes of your good self. What the actual ■■■■ indeed.


So the spineless government says move out to the country. Oh yeah. I live in a coastal town in northern nsw an have just seen our town being completely over run by Sydney siders buying up everything an re selling for crazy prices, developers scaring what were once green paddocks with farmlands, our surf breaks now crowded as, plus the lack of respect the city surfers have, buy a now way over priced block an be told what kind of house u can only build. Yep, that’s what will happen to the country towns to. When r the dumb idiots in Canberra goin to realise they have been stuffing up this country’s future for so long now. Just clueless money hungry morons. Councils to have been just as bad. No vision. Just greed


Just wow. You are using one set of deaths to justify others. It’s one thing to lie yourself into power through a dirty deal with the greens (Julier ) and rack up so much debt that our kids kids will still be funding. However to implement a program that is so poor that it resulted in deaths and houses burned down is literally criminal.


Confirmed as a Murfuched sheep.