I’d just like to say that I don’t blame Turnbull for the two NBN related deaths.


A bit of a no brainer really considering that’s a Labour program as well. Doh!


No, it’s really not.

The ALP policy was dumped by the Liberals.
No, this cluster is all on them.

Although I can see why you’d like to pretend it’s not.


Multiple work for the dole deaths too


Mr Wolf

Debt when Abbott won $257 billion

Now $551 billion and rising


And JFTR,… Gillard No lie, 1 broken promise. (Which IMO she shouldn’t have. Should have told the Greens to go fk themselves, and form a coalition with The Lieberals)

Abbott 32 (at least) broken promises. Some of which were provably Outright Lies.

Some fools, fair dinkum. :roll_eyes:


Again with this ■■■■. The only ones to blame for Labor not being in power at all over the last 8 years is Labor. If you can’t beat one of the most callous parties this country has ever seen then you are a garbage bin of a party.

I will preface this by noting ive left the greens, actually largely to do with something @baccusfox said, about changing from within. I’m also strongly considering rejoining the labor party.


My heart is full of joy.


Interesting little wrinkle in the Batman by election campaign. Greens have announced that its their policy to re-nationalise the electricity grid (bits of it at least, I’m not 100% across all of the detail)

If they’re smart enough to focus their campaigning on that rather than on the Australia Day thing, that could be a big winner for them. And I’m ■■■■■■ glad that SOMEONE is starting to challenge the PRIVATISE EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME BECAUSE THE PRIVATE SECTOR IS AS EFFICIENT AS A MAGICALLY EFFICIENT EFFICIENCY FAIRY AND CONTAINS NO CYNICALLY MONEYGRABBING SCUMBAGS AT ALL orthodoxy that’s hypnotised the two major parties for decades now.


I’m guessing you are just deluding yourself with that rubbish. It’s actually pretty childish but it did give me a laugh.


Yes because Labour blocks spending cuts. Also I’ll try and introduce a new concept to you. It’s called interest. I’d suggest you Google it or if too old for that, try a dictionary. Once you are done with interest try compound interest.


More debt from the Liberals than Labor, liberals dole distr for not being able to pass bills they are in government


Yeah it is. Also, I think you will find that 1 of those was when Julier was in power anyway.

Terrible in any case.


One of what?
The NBN rollout is entirely under the Liberals.
They junked the ALP’s plan and went the cheap and nasty option which is now massively late, over budget, and has people asking if they can please keep what they have rather than change to the new technology.
The Liberals have royally ■■■■■■ it.

On your other point, gees it must suck to put up with a stupidly obstructive Senate.

On the plus side, at least we’re not paying rich people $75k to have a baby.

Edit: Ohhhhh, one of the deaths. Good point. Relevant. So you consider Gillard, Turnbull and Rudd culpable for deaths.


The mutt is in the “stupid & deluded as Tripper” category.


Don’t remember Labor having a Senate majority.


You really are clueless. Not to mention a fantasist. You are spouting total lies about debt. I truly believe your presence on this board is an embarrassment. I would ask you to detail what it’s like being an ignorant tool but you clearly do not have the intelligence to do that. Only an idiot like you ignores spellcheck because you are also arrogant. What a combination!


I need to apologise to all and sundry for my outburst. Sorry. Although I meant every word.


For the future! Coal and Copper!


Pffft! Call that an outburst? You ought to get out more!