In good news for @Riolio, Lyle Shelton is leaving the Australian Christian Lobby to join Cory Bernardi and run for a federal seat. Based in Toowoomba, so here’s hoping. Or is Riolio actually Lyle Shelton?

But in reality, may his chooks turn to emus and kick his dunny down…Shelton’s, not Riolio’s.

And may his nads turn into bicycle wheels and backpedal up his freckle.


5 fold increase in prisoners since 2001?

Population’s gone from 4.8M to 5.9M, soooo… yeah, way way waaaay out of whack.


Don’t make me look up the pdf again…


J34 is looking for anyone living in the seat of Batman interested in helping out. PM for details.


I’ve read this three times and I have no idea what the hell you’re on about.


He is saying that you have an opportunity to vote out L Shelton (unless you actually are that person).

He is further rephrasing a couple of famous Australian sayings wishing various misfortunes to befall L Shelton.


Yep. Clear as I would have thought.

(If you know who Shelton is, … and/or watch the news)


Just heard Matthew Guy on SEN blithering on about the Albert Park golf course and how there’s been no public consultation about the potential planning ideas they’re tossing about and how when he was planning minister he always engaged in public consultation and blah blah blah


I guess if you ignore the 18ish months of user group and community engagement they did up until late last year then yeah you could say they didn’t consult with the public at all.

He can’t be that fkn thick, can he?


Yes. Yes he can…


I think the Liberal Party should be careful running any lines about imposing stuff on Albert Park… not that Labor has done anything different F1-wise.


Yep…Matthew Guy should shut the f*** up on planning decisions- too many skeletons in his closet.


And now Seagull Guy is going to put Cops with guns into the 10 worst schools.

He really is that thick.


Just wait until the four toughest kids ambush the cop and take his gun.


jesus fkn christ what a horrible idea


Lyin Shelton and his mate Boring Bernardi apparently going to try and reverse the marriage equality plebicite.

Theocracy for everyone!


Hardly any different to any political party.

Coalition overturned the carbon tax.
Rudd overturned the Coalitions refugee policy
The Greens want to overturn everything.


And these guys want to overturn modernity


and which one of those was done by a national plebicte to get the true feellng of the nation, rather than a poltical party meeting room.


I’m not disagreeing with you - only pointing out that overturning decisions is part and parcel of any political party.

Besides which, it was only 62-38. It doesn’t take much to swing those figures around.
It could easily by 40-60 in a decades time or alternatively it could be 80-20.

For example, the Republic question was answered almost 20 years ago. That still doesn’t stop people wanting to have another crack at overturning the result.


sure, but one would guess pitching it as an option this soon after they got beaten isnt that smart. 20 years later maybe.

I think its just a statement to attract new members to a fledging party, and not one they think they have any minute chance of achieving a couple of months after a national plebcite. I would expect any futher support of what is now law has only further enthrenched the majority position of the Yes vote.