Not all of us. Just them.


How fkn cool is Noel Pearson??

Why isn’t this guy in Parliament? Could listen to him speak for days …


I recall Labor going hard at him for a period there but he declined.


And how disgustingly hypercritical is B Joyce and his concubine for accepting a reported $150k to tell their grubby story to C7? They were accusing the media of invading their privacy only a few weeks ago. They say you deserve the politicians you elect but what did we do to deserve this creep?


Lol. Barnaby has made a career out of saying anything for the right price. He’s really just doing what he knows best.


Theory was floated it’s not only gonna be a nice little earner, … but that also as an “Abbotteer”, and personally unhappy with Boneless, … that this is also nicely timed and designed to upset the Govs applecart of current pseudo positivity …


Cori Bernardi is weird.



That is awesome

Paragraphs of historical text. Don’t the conservatives just love European history and the classics.

How can you celebrate the fall of Constantinople?

Watch a Bond film!


Ged Kearney was excellent on QandA this evening @Bacchusfox and @BLOODSTAINED_DEVILS we’re right, she is going to make an excellent public servant. Just a genuine person

On the other hand Jim Molan, what a carnt


Also Barnaby could be up against it financially. It is a big pay drop from Deputy PM/ Cabinet Minister to backbencher. He has to finance two homes, wife, partner, five kids, service mortgages on the farm land expansions, some of which is unfarmed scrub which he has been trying to offload for years.


LOL, …I so damn near posted that myself 10 minutes ago, … just a total prick on Q n A … made me want to kick my TV in.


I’m sure he’ll find another “Mate” to let him live in a high quality home for next to no rent again …


Ged Kearney is very special.

Would make an incredible PM one day. Pity she barracks for the Tigers.

And Ben, we had our lunch yesterday with Van Badham, another exceptionally talented person. She spoke about the legacy of John Curtin and the history of how we have gotten into the shitfeast our Nation finds itself. If she was inclined with make a great MP.


Plus “unfarmed scrub” doesn’t cost anything to manage.


And wrong:

"After Constantinople’s fall, its magnificent “Church of the Holy Wisdom” was converted into a mosque of conquest (the Hagia Sophia) "

Hagia Sophia was the name given to it by the New Romans under Justinian nearly 1,000 years before the Turks took over.

It is Greek for “Church of Wisdom”. It is not a Turkish name.


Not weird, dangerous.


Wtf is a ‘mosque of conquest’ anyway?

And has this bloke even been to Spain, where half the cathedrals have sculptures or reliefs of heroic Christian knights trampling brown guys wearing turbans?


Come on Minion, they’re brown, and wearing turbans ffs. It’s not as if they are real people or anything.


He’s going to have to. He can’t very well accept large novelty cheques from mining magnates anymore. He’s a backbencher. That, like, not even a deputy PM or party leader or anything.


My heart bleeds for him