Port Review Thread


Was there anything in the Hooker hit to wingards face? Mayo highlighted it during the post match; Surely hes fine for next week?


Nothing at all.


Mayo also said he should get off. Shouldn’t even get a fine


It was a strange feel at the game, typified by the ■■■■■ turnout. It felt like going out with your partner after they’ve told you they cheated on you. It might have been a fun night, but it’s going to take a while to rebuild the trust.


Watching the replay, there’s the little things like shepherding for team mates and so on. Then there’s the Fantasia little things like sticking out a little back heel to stop the ball falling into Hartlett’s hands at a stoppage, resulting in a goal to us. First quarter, about 6:20 on the clock. Delightful.


We were much better.
Port were much worse than when they knocked off Sydney. Their defensive pressure compared to the dogs last week was much weaker.

Hooker played in defense,Myers in the guts, Stringer up forward and a change in attitude made all the difference.

Dyson I think is every bit a good captain, but gee he is a shocking kick of the football for an otherwise elite footballer. turn over king. put him on kicking practice for the next 10 days please.

And can we recuit a robbie gray clone in the offseason?

loved guelfi’s debut.


then theres guelfi things, like being a unit, and looking good doing it.




Not a bad analogy. We have done this before, lose to crap teams and then beat undefeated teams. Here’s hoping we might be more consistent sooner rather than later.

Though if your partner has cheated on you, never ever ever give them a second chance


Perhaps. But do you recall one of our much better known players who last week gave it to someone else (who was immediately tackled so of course did not get the goal) when he was just outside the goal square?


Loved Hooker sizing up Sam Gray and then the dont argue. Beast.


Thanks Jodi - as someone who can only see games on TV, I appreciated this insight. Look forward to any more you can share with us!


legit getting the replay so i can clip stringers stiff arm of a dude already falling to the ground.


Geez Port were soft in the contest today / we just wanted it more.

We might not have the better of the x2 midfield groups but golly it helps when we dive at the disputed ball, hunt in numbers for contested ball and hunt the ball carrier & close off the outlets.

I hope we don’t take that pressure for granted. And keep it up for the rest of the season.


It definitely allows you to see more at the game, when you can look upfield and see what is up ahead.
I. like you, find it frustrating on TV when the play unfolds to a 2 on 1, or a free player, and you don’t see how it came to be. Sitting up in the 3rd level helps as well.


That did seem to be the mood. Even when the players walked out at the start of the game, there was the feel of “we’re still ■■■■■■ with you” from the fans.

That being said, I thought 30k was a good turnout for a Sunday arvo game against an interstate club. Last year we got 34k against them and that was a Saturday night.


■■■■ weather today too. I know it was Ehad but it was a great day to stay the ■■■■ home rather that get public transport etc.


Kids back at school tomorrow might have kept younger families away. Maybe?



How are we wearing Blitz??

Any good?