Port Review Thread


Blitz fits fine, very comfy. Bit tight around my hips though


Today shows it is all mental.

2-2 after serving up so much dross is a blessing.

Have proved nothing yet as physical talent is not in question. Mental talent is the key now. Back up week after week and put in i.e. do the defensive things necessary of winning in this league.

Oh and it was nice to see Stringer turn a corner. Started to look like himself. And Hooker back changes the structure. Make guys like Hartley become much more confident.

Nice win.


Exactly how we started the season last year!


So the challenge is to find more consistency than we did last season. And not turn up expecting to win against anyone.


Had something on today, just catching up now.

It was good to get a decent win. Had people asking me if I was happy and I said no. We could all see this coming and it is so frustrating.

Will start to be impressed if they can do this for a month against all comers.


The TEAM selection thread is locked but I shook my head at the number of posters who have watched footy for years thinking that dropping a whole heap of players to “punish” them would be effective. Especially at round 4. If we had made four changes we would have lost today aswell.

I knew we would win as soon as I saw the side. They had to be charged with getting their game back on track as a collective, as a team.

The.stoppage work was very good today and the more they play together the more consistant I hope they will become.


Just going to pose this question to you.

what if we finish 7-8th again and get bundled out round one by 60 points, again. and the same old culprits are still in the team.

Will doing the same old thing still work?


What was the point of him talking about it then?


If you are ‘trusting’ your team to win for you…then you’re doing it all wrong.


A good win. A very good win. The merchants of doom would have it that this proves nothing, l disagree.

There are far too many ‘Yes, butters…’ here, as in… Yes it was a good win, but… It was a good win. End of story.

Yes, but what about…
Room for improvement?
There is always room for improvement.
What about turnovers?
There are always turnovers in a match. Port made more that we did and were punished for them.
Yes, but nothing is proven…
True, nothing is proven, it is only round 4.

There are some real sad sacks on here, who can’t enjoy a decent win, let alone appreciate one.


That was farking epic.
More than a ‘don’t argue’.
More like a ‘stfubitch’


True, but I was hoping they would at least put in a good performance and at least pretend to care. I thought I could trust them to at least keep up that end of the bargain


The merchants of gloom (I’m one) knew we would win this week, because it’s our MO for the last 15 years.


Emotion just gets the best of some people, i reckon. It really can be blinding.


There is no bargain ffs.
Sport is fickle - any sport, anywhere. It’s a game you choose to follow and lay your heart on. That’s on you.


Left home at 9.30,am back home at 10 pm, drank way too much during and after and my throat hurts like I ate steel wool.

Exhausted and looking fwd to the mother of all hangovers tomorrow.

Happy as a Dog with 2 dikks.


If we had made 4 changes we might of won by more.in the end nobody knows.

Can’t we all just be happy and enjoy the win and not attack other posters for their opinions or thoughts on the team or coach or selections.

( this is not specifically aimed at you Dodga, becuase you are a very fair poster)


Stringer needed that goal. The gwelf’s turn will come.


Did you boo our goals at the game today?


I think it was basically to say there’s nothing in it