Port Review Thread


No, more just cautious that it is just one win and this has happened before (cue Rd1).


The side is mostly blokes aged 19-25.

Guelfi, Saad, Stringer, Smith, Begs have only played a handful of games with the group. Parish and McGrath are trying to learn to go to the level beyond being a talented kid.

I think they will have ups and downs.and hopefully they keep getting stronger, wiser, less over awed, experienced in big moments, experienced with handling disappointment, learning to get up when they are flat and.changing the course of games.

I look for the positives of them learning as a group. They simply will improve if we support them.

Our supporters I think have a bit of psychological baggage and it can be a bit of a negative weight.

The mindset of thinking “what if this happens again” is a losing mindset. Eg look at Melbourne today.

This Ess team are an utterly different bunch of players basically untouched by the past.

This is the new future. We have to think that way. At least they do. The less people around them trying to drag that vibe down the better IMO.

It doesnt mean we have to clap ■■■■ like last week. Or some of the ■■■■ Joe dished up in rounds 1 - 3.

But speaking about certain players or coaches like they are utterly useless is not a good thing to spread.

Effort and toughness should be a value we respect eg Baguley should be spoken of with respect. (Not saying you. But he is just an example of someone who cops it. )

I will generally only knock a player for lack of effort unless they are utterly horendous.


Yeah…but there wasn’t anything in the other 100,000 bits of contact between two players over the weekend either, but they didn’t show those.


Today was like watching a replay of Ess v Bulldogs last week but this time we were the Bulldogs and Essendon only made a pissweak comeback in the 4th :upside_down_face:


We need to improve our poor performances from embarrassing/pathetic to good enough.

We’re an average team because the best and worst are polar opposites.


With apologies to Edgar Allan Poe’s A Dream Within A Dream
and with thanks to @Westing_Wuckman

Take this win upon the brow!
And celebrate it all for now,
This much let me avow-
You may be wrong, if you do deem
That this game has been a dream;
Yet if hope had flown away
Against Fremantle, or the old Footscray,
In a game plan, or in none,
Will Matt Guelfi be a gun?
All that we see or seem
Is but a win within a dream.

I stand amid the roar
Of a Dockland’s happy score,
And I hold within my hand
A winner’s ticket in the stand-
How few flags of late and yet
Although the Saga made us sweat –
The Pies and Blues have their regrets.
O Blitzers! can I not clasp
My hopes with a tighter grasp?
O Blitzers! think not of our defence’s holes
But savour the thrill of Stringer’s goals.
With Hurles and Hooker in this team
I see a flag within a dream.


We were told to be patient, with new players it would take a while to click etc. Then we actually play them in their correct roles and it all just worked. It wasn’t perfect, but for Stringer to score 4 goals in his first outing in the forward line is fantastic. He didn’t detract from our other forwards and they all seemed to work well together. Hooker moving back as well. Hurley looked happier, Hartley seemed I have more confidence and the backline had more structure.

Still lots of work to be done but it can only get better from here. Especially in the later half when we get players like Gleeson back. And Colyer (who I still rate despite a rough return season).


I honestly don’t think Langford would have done better today. However this is only one game.


joe dan feels like he has gone backwards a little and i dont know why?

Maybe i am expecting him to be a player he will never be.

I just really want to see him get hold of a game and kick 8 and pull down double digit marks. not sure any more if he has it in him…


Great win, but… Heppell at one stage was running at 16% efficiency by foot, and personally cost us goals from turnovers. And it happens way to often


How good is it to good to sleep on a Sunday night knowing the bombers have a win…not that I will be going to bed anytime soon


At least you can spell ok…except for dikks


Lol, when Happy Clapper meets delusion


JD is out of form. That isn’t helped by playing onecofcthe toughest positions on the ground. I think ppl should watch the replay closely as this was his best game this year by a mile.

I’m sure you were tongue in cheek but I have no doubt that over the next ten years of his career he I’ll have many dominant days.


Look only time will tell if this approach has worked. It is not about one win, it is about really turning a corner as a club and becoming consistent. That is what so many are frustrated by. You are completely right in that four changes (particularly if they were senior players) would have resulted in a loss but it is about setting a standard and demanding buy in week in and week out not just occasionally.

Anyway just happy we won.


He was better in the second half. I think when TBell needs a spell we need to send Daniher into the middle, get him up the ground.

Having Stringer and Stewart in the forward line while daniher is in the ruck is a must, still gives us two good marking targets


Predictable response is predictable. ■■■■■ better do it again next week. And the week after. And the week after. And so on.


Yes. Request Big Mac sauce.


Great news, we won! We did a lot of things right, we got off to a great start, we kicked some really nice goals and we outplayed a team that had won 3 in the trot and never gave up.
The intensity was there and a few blokes found some form and built some confidence.
Even better is the room for improvement. I think our end game could have been a lot more clinical, we wasted quite a few opportunities. I’m not angry about that, I’m excited.
I was devastated last week but I’m much more optimistic about the season now, but it can only unfold one week at a time, history suggests we will be up and down and maybe just scrape into finals, so we need to improve in a lot of areas if we want to be a successful club.


Harvey on SEN conceded that Stringer will play predominantly forward with stints in the middle.

JD Stewart and Stringer for the next 8 yrs will Fanta Walla and co…

Sounds pretty good to me.