Port Review Thread


Such an important point. If we’d played out of our skins and won then it’s an aberration… that we won with still so much improvement needed is ■■■■■■ glorious.


What is the talk of MRP scrutiny over an incident that left Todd Marshall concussed? Did anyone catch the incident? I was at the game & didn’t notice anything but the talk on 3AW was Port player Marshall had to be removed from the game due to concussion.


One of my colleagues was listening to Harvey on the radio. They said that apparently it was Harvey that pushed the Hooker - back/Stringer - forward move?




It’s a beautiful thing watching Walla kick a goal that drives a nail into the coffin


I enjoyed the win, but the season so far makes us a look a bit like the same old same olds. As was mentioned pre-game it is just like us to drop a game against the bottom of the ladder and then rebound against a highly placed opponent. Maintaining that kind of effort consistently would be great and see us finish slightly higher on the ladder than last year, but to go further we need to make better decisions, and execute them more efficiently. Early days of course, with new personnel and structures slipping into place. Bring on Anzac Day.


We played well but port didn’t show up at all, didn’t match our intensity and didn’t punish our mistakes. Gray absolutely shredded us but none of his teammates came with him. Pies will be interesting because they will bring the heat


Joe had a hand in our first 3 goals. He should have kicked a drop punt instead of kicking a big bender. Not quite back in form yet, but a decent step in the right direction.


Port are sh*thouse.

But we also match up exceptionally well on them.


From a pure self-interest point of view: well, der, of course he wanted Hooker in his group!


I can just imagine the amount of times it took for Worsfold to say yes.

Harvey “how about now?”…”now?”…”what about now?”


This can not be serious.

The yoyo issue of this team has run for over a decade - all this week did was prove that nothing indeed has changed.

I have very little doubt that the fact that so much of our squad over time seem immune from form or performance related issues is the backbone to our team turning up only when it suits them.



Stringer and stewart.

Stewart constantly battled in marking constests 2 on 1 and didnt seem to get outmarked once.

Even without the 4 goals, stringers workrate was phenomenal.

He sprinted past tippa in the last to lay a sheapard foe him when he kicked his goal, that late in a qtr when we kinda had the game sown up.
Foe a guy whos workrate was severly questioned, in that aspect so far this season he hasnt put a step wrong.


Probably already been mentioned but goal celebrations were intense with an excessive show of emotion. That says a lot about the players mindset and intent. Essendon know they’ve got the game against Port. Hopefully they bring it for round 23 in SA. Huge game with finals implications. In the meantime, the players know they can bring the heat. Just have a problem backing it up the following week


Port is just essendon in different colours.
They don’t turn up against perceived lesser sides, i mean thwy almost did get rolled by brissy on thwir home patch.

Imagine if i used the same excuses they do foe our team, how quickly they’d jump up and down.
Things like
Interstate wins are only a bonus
They were missing ryder, pepper and some other names.
Its only rd 4
They hit a wall
yada yada yada

Port are nothing that we arent.


yep was Harvey.


I think that this is probably due to the fact his fitness has improved. By him coming in and saying “I want to play midfield” he has HAD to improve his overall fitness, which is having a huge positive effect on his game.


Um what?
That is the very antithesis of what they have been.
Last year they didn’t beat a single top 8 side save for Sydney in round one when they were busted ■■■■ and a long way from a top 8 side. They lost their final after leading by nearly ~3 goals in extra time!
Last year they were the downhilliest downhillers to ever downhill. They beat up on minnows and cellar dwellers which pumped up their percentage but got found out against finals quality sides.

Long way from making any firm judgements about anyone based on this year’s form yet.


He reminds of a jack in the box, can only be held down for so long then, up he jumps again.
When he is on, he is simply wonderful to watch and is probably a favourite of many people who barrack for other teams. He is entertaining.


Er…last year they didn’t beat anybody above them on the ladder and only beat teams below them…so no.