Port Review Thread


They are down hill skiers. They are as predictably inconsistent as us


Exactly, within the first couple of kicks i could sense that they were playing a different brand of football.


I agree with Peos that Port are overrated but I was surprised how little impact their mids had. Would be interesting playing them at the MCG in a final with Ryder playing.


Who was their ruck? total non-entity.

bit like us when ryder gave up/was injured.


I was at the game, saw the incident live and watched the replays shown at the ground immediately afterwards. I was unhappy that the free was given against us given the ball was fisted away by Hooker and then in the same passage Marshall collided with him. Hooker’s intent was to fist the ball to advantage, not to collect Marshall high. The fist/head high contact came about 1/2 second after fist contact with the ball and came about because both parties were heading towards each other.

Hooker’s at risk because it seems these days there is strict liability for any head contact and there was a concussion that resulted from it. Problem is, if he gets something for this, it is a penalty for trying to play football, not hurt someone.


With us winning and a lot of turd in the bath performances around the league I’m just glad it’s safe to look at footy news sites again.


as if you weren’t watching 360 and footy classified…


Didn’t watch or read a thing last week.

When Essington turns up I forget footy exists the following week.


I am slightly paranoid but anyone in red and black seems subject to a little extra scrutiny.
I know I will breath more easily after Tuesday evening.


Stringer played well, but -
He did not ‘sprint past Walla’
He did not ‘put a shepherd on’
He did run parallel, and then split off for a potential hand-off should it be required, which was a good idea.
He did not have a ‘phenomenal work-rate’.


Sack him!


This has been my sanity method since I was about 5 years old.


Lets hope some of things are what is to come.


Very similar to the Caddy one, trying to smother the ball and accidentally hitting the head. Caddy got a week.


Devon Smith 11 tackles, he is a machine.


3 weeks is the standard EFC suspension.


Caddy was very late, missed the ball and hit him flush with a raised arm. I reckon hooksey got the ball and was reaching across. But it’s chook Loto so who knows


CD ratings: Myers best game for the club, in his own right and defensively
Ollie Wines ( who Myers went to) was way below his average.

However, CD rate Hurley as one of the worst in the team. wtf ??? Really


Bellchambers hits form. Is in the top 5 ruckmen in the AFL at the moment (3 game average). ( according to championdata )


Remember how CD works.
That graph shows that only 6 or 7 of our players were at or above their averages. Everyone else was below par.