Port Review Thread


Do you actually have a CD subscription?


@Deckham. Shows we have some improvement in us, if all played average, but of course , it depends on who a player 's opponent is from week to week.

@ivan. Those graphs are available on twitter each week. Free. https://twitter.com/aflplayerrating?lang=en

All subject to the well known deficiencies in the CD ratings system. Like how they show Hurls as one of our worst players. LOL.


Yet champion data still gave him 117 points in SC.


He certainly wasn’t one of our worst, nor was he one of our best. Amazes me that Hepp cops ■■■■ in here every week for his disposal yet Hurleys is worse. He takes the wrong option over and over. Has been far more obvious since Marty was injured. God help us when BJ retires.


Not trying to absolve Hurley of his mistakes but a couple of times yesterday he had to go to a shirt contest rather than 50m because there was literally no one there, happened alot against dogs too. Of course there were a couple of times he tried to hit a target no more than 30m away and missed horribly.


Moved so it doesn’t get lost in the wwf thread.


Oh absolutely. I love Hurls, but he picks up lots of cheap ball and he needs to use that to set us up coming out of defence.


I would lov to see a Hurls unpressured clearing kick from defence hit a player on the chest, not the feet.

Seemed to happen more times than not yesterday.


love this guys work rate and attitude


yep, happy to sit back and watch the likes of Melbourne and carlton go into ‘the furnace’ on 360 tomorrow


Even Hooker took over the kick ins at one stage after Hurls kept kicking it back to them.


Our kick-in strategy still leaves a lot to be desired. Coupled with poor execution it’s a mess.

We got away with it yesterday, but it isn’t a recipe for long term success…


No idea where else to put it, but this new ‘HD’ blitz layout is 10/10


Overall, I think that this player rating system is not bad, but there are clearly issues. Perhaps the biggest is a degree of subjectivity about whether something is clanger. Clangers have a negative rating on the score - look at Baggers on this having negative scores in the 2nd and 4th quarters.

Late last year, Zach had a great game, but only ended up with a score of around 3. Must have been clangers going against him. In terms of impact on a game, this system can miss it sometimes.

Mind you, if Myers starts producing 20+ point games each week, I will not be complaining.


Those rating systems have more then “a few” issues.


We have a strategy?


Poor choice of words. My apologies.


I like the way commentators work.

‘just one bomber hasn’t had a touch yet… that was andy mcgrath’

30s seconds after he almost marks a kick aimed at wingard… are you ■■■■■■■ serious?


All I see is skinnier text and a HUGE blue reply button, … and that the mute function has disappeared, so I’m back in the Dark Ages of RSI in my scroll finger. :persevere:


Very noice.

Apart from the raven, I’m only familiar with The Tell-Tale Heart. You’ve inspired me to read more Poe.