Port Review Thread


tv camera angle cutting really flatters player sometimes.

zaka intercepting a mark for saad, zaka handballing to saad when a port player is lining saad up…


I hate when they cut across the axis of action mid play, barely acceptable to do it on set shots. Should be for replay only.

Coverage is entirely over commentated and over edited.


Devon Smith flaming LOVES to tackle. Loves it. Like it’s his favourite thing to do.


Port are our b****** reckon we will beat them at AO too.


I agree with CD. I’m not sure why his game yesterday is being rated so highly by some on here and in the media.


Well, thanks for inspiring me to attempt my own Poe parody. I hope you don’t mind. I might do more of them throughout the season.


The Pit & the Pendulum?



I know we’re comfortably in front, but i just want to highlight something that shows how lacking in awareness and ability our players are.

wtf is beachcomber doing here? we’re ■■■■■■■ out to the top of screen, hes being told to go there by multiple players but he’s already decided we’re going back. giving it to hooker who’s forced back. and we’re stopped near side of the field just around the 50 arc for about 4 disposals.

What really annoys me is the team then has to setup into a new structure and work their way out via a switch which port then recover the ball and could’ve had a shot at goal from deadeye jack watts who centres it to wines who misses. a complete waste of effort by our players for nothing.

Our clubs whole attacking MO is to run in numbers use overlap and blitz the oppositions defence, we can’t be going back like that, especially not against a team like port who pride themselves on their running out of games. We really needed to be up near 90 by the end of the 4th to really put them to the sword.


Wanted to get angry about that too. But he’s going back to someone who was looking forward. If it was to someone like McGrath instead of Hooker the ball wouldve gone back inside. But it wasn’t.


Anyone else having trouble with repays in the AFL app


He has time to take a second, and follow instructions from leadership dave.


Strange things happen when you move an All Australian forward to the forwardline; and an All Australian defender to the backline


Yes… i’m Getting a playback error. (I got the app today which is basically at your recommendation). I like it so far but it would be better if the replays worked!


Did anyone attempt to limit Gray? I know we don’t play a hard tag but was anyone specifically playing on him?


Just get Foxtel Now I only pay $40 a month (Sports pack+Documentary) and you can stream it on pretty much any device.

Foxtel have the replay in the ‘on demand’ section pretty much the next day plus you are not locked in into any contract can unsecribe any time


So we successfully countered a lose man in defence!


You bought a subscription too?


Every player makes mistakes but just leave Hurls out of this, if he gets it 30 times in the backline that’s 30 times our opposition hasn’t got it. Farken Champ.


50/50 on that one. the bearded lesbian is one of the worst players to expect to have an influence as the spare.

Goddard was our spare though, and he did keep moving into spots where they could either play through him or it slightly dragged westhoff up the ground a bit.

still there were plenty of times the ball was kicked to him, he just didn’t have that much of an influence.