Port Review Thread


He’s in massive trouble when he gets home😊


Not sure if they showed it, but they switched back to that couple 2 more times afterwards :slight_smile:


On that, I don’t know how the players can hear the coaches, the music was so F****** LOUD. Seriously, does it have to be that loud to kiss someone?


He got more exposed on repeat efforts, rather than just pace. Watts covers a surprising amount of ground, and Hooker couldn’t go with him a few times after a number of long sprints.

Yes, he looks slower, but it didn’t seem to effect him today, even playing on a fairly mobile opponent.


The PA’d we are essendon @ the start of the game sucks, and spits in the face of its organic misused nature.


For everyone cheering this effort.

Where was this effort last week and the week before that?

Still too many questions regarding this inconsistent team.

Repeat this effort for the rest of the year.



So are you suggesting we should not cheer them as punishment? How many weeks should we not cheer them for?


Watts is a deadly kick for goal, Best in the comp from a set shot.


He is a very good player, just got destroyed by Melbourne.


Pies currently favourites for Anzac Day. Bring on the W.


Cheer for effort.

Call out no effort.

Is it really that controversial?!


And a deadset moron for giving it to someone else (who missed) when he was just 25 out.


Followed by him caving in and giving her a kiss during the last quarter. Hilarious.


I suspect that the players don’t like being favourites even during the game. They very often get out to a 30 or 40 point lead and then let the other team back in with a chance (and give us all a lot of extra stress)

They don’t see themselves as a powerful team that blows the opposition away (as for example Richmond did to Brisbane). Is this the result of years of mediocrity? I don’t know.

They are a talented list. When they start beating lower ranked teams by 10+ goals, as they are capable of doing, that will be a turning point IMO


Thanks Essendon Football Club, apology accepted.


Worst of Zaha on show today. He had an absolute mare. Turnover king. Got away with it because the rest of the midfield turned up, but he’s just got to be better than that.


I think we played far from our best footy. But we got the W

Most pleasing to me was the manning up and structure when we didn’t have the ball. We didn’t allow them space or a free player forcing them to kick long to a contest.

The pressure around the ball was much better especially early, if we didn’t win the initial contest we pressured well, and didn’t allow as many clean clearances to them.

Port was a long way off there best, but you can only play who is in front of you. As per usual we let the team back into the which was both predictable and disappointing.

First gamer was impressive, natural footballer who is hard as nails.

JD is a long, long, long way from his best form. Im not sure where his head is at. He did some good things in the first which resulted in goals. Then kicked a couple in the second half when needed. Hopefully he can build on this, and get back to his best.

Our disposal even when not under-pressure was still only average. But I have noticed this across most teams and most games this year, which is strange.


I prepared for this game by reading the post-match rants at Talking Carlscum. Somehow a victory like todays’ is always sweeter when you can contrast it with the continuing train-wreck at Princess park.


I was as relieved at the win today as I was that old bloke ended up kissing his mrs during kiss cam


I think that’s right I would also add we worked much harder when we had the ball as well, lots of players working hard into space.