Pre-Match vs Gold Coast (MS) - Team Talk/Selections/Thoughts


I’m a bit surprised that people would see this as a danger game… With our season now cooked we should be tanking the ■■■■■■■ hell out of this game to move up the draft order and secure a softer draw for next year. And if you don’t think a soft fixture can help you out then have a look who sits 2nd on the ladder…


And Myers to protect them.


In Parish
Out Guelfi


Depends who’s fit. Obviously no Ambrose so we need a tall defender = Francis. Or Ridley. Or Zerk-Thatcher. Be bold!!

Long should not be in the team. If Fantasia is fit then he is the obvious replacement; if not, then Parish, who made a strong case for selection and fits the profile of pace and attack that we should be going with. In fact if Parish is really fully match fit then bringing him in anyway could be considered, with Colyer being the unlucky one if necessary.


We are building something and I wouldn’t be keen to throw out our structure too much.

Parish has to come in, wasted in the twos (straight swap for Myers if he’s ginger). Perfect chance to give him a proper run on the ball.

Fantasia in for Colyer (but real talk will probably be Long, hard to argue with)

Dea for Ambrose. Shouldn’t have been dropped in the first place.

If we wanted to get Francis in the side, I’d do it at the expense of Guelfi who looked in need of a rest and push Goddard up to the wing.


I’d be resting Goddard, not Guelfi - he was excellent yesterday.

Goddard is looking seriously cooked and could do with a rest. Francis would be an ideal replacement for him.


I’d be happy with that but can’t recall us ever resting goddard


Goddard, Myers, Ambrose and Colyer should be shot out of a cannon.

In comes Parish, Francis, Clarke and Fantasia


We had no issues resting Jobe & Kelly last season for games like this, surely this should also apply to BJ this season


OUT: Stringer (inj), Ambrose (inj), Colyer, McNiece, Myers
IN: Fantasia, Parish, Francis, Dea, Clarke

What we’ll probably get:
Out: Ambrose
In: Dea


Even though Woosha said it in his press conference i don’t really understand how Francis would play the Goddard role. He certainly woildn’t play it similarly because apart from kicking, they seem like very different players to me.


Anyway, that said, I would be looking at these changes:

Dea for Ambrose
Clarke for Myers (Mainly because of injury)
Parish for Guelfi

If Goddard needs a rest it will be interesting to see if they do in fact bring in francis.
If Stringer needs a spell due to injury it will be interesting to see what they do.

I don’t want to load up too much on youngsters because I still think it’s important we try to win. This is the sort of game, we need to be ruthless and bury them by 10 goals or more.


Playing the youngsters was arguably the catalyst for our form reversal.


We didn’t play any more in one game then, then we are now. It was just different/better ones due to injury.

The Geelong game (which was the game where change started), included Ridley and Clarke, plus Langford was brought back and we had Guelfi in.
This game still had Guelfi and Langford, plus we had Long and rightly or wrongly McNeice* would be seen as a youngster for this argument because he’s a new player. So the same number of players.
My changes suggest bringing Clarke and Parish back at the expense of only Guelfi from the young brigade, plus possibly Francis for Goddard.

Re McNeice - I agree he’s not a youngster, but if we’re finding out about the untried players on our list, there is no harm in giving him 3 or 4 games to make a final decision on him. I thought it was unfair to rule a line through him on his go earlier in the season because he was brought in underdone and when the team was playing crap.
If he doesn’t show enough in the next few weeks (after he’s had plenty of VFL to get ready) it’s an easy decision then.




You’re always disappointed.


Ctrl+C, then Ctrl+V each week.


No changes for mine


We should do these muppets over by 5 goals minimum.


OUT: Ambrose (injured), Colyer, McNiece, Stringer (only if injured).

IN: Parish, Francis, Fantasia, Dea. (Parish out if Stringer is fit)

I was surprised at Woosha’s remarks about Francis in today’s Herald Sun, saying that Francis wasn’t at AFL level as yet and was being kept out by Hurley and Hooker. To that I would say, well McNiece is hardly an experienced AFL player, neither is Jake Long who played his last AFL game in Round 22, 2016. Ambrose has never been picked to take over Hurley and Hookers role if all three were available. As well, who does he have in mind to replace Ambrose who has already had a stint on the side lines with hamstring problems, and looks like he could miss another four weeks - season over. Give Francis a go. He deserves a game if McNiece and Long can get a game.
As well, was Dea injured? The guy has done a great job over the last month. Why pick an inexperienced player like McNiece to take Dea’s place. No logic in that selection unless Dea was injured - but was never listed as such.