Queen Elizabeth II to King Charles III

Both of these can be true.

As the heavy majority of younger people move away from the right wing, the few who don’t get weirder, louder and more extreme. And closer to power, because there has to be SOME next generation in the right wing parties, and the nut jobs are the only ones lining up.

  1. Have a look at the “new Liberal” group who are predominantly younger female religious freaks.

  2. Data from the referendum is much more compelling, especially in outer suburban seats all over the country.

  3. Wait until November this year and look over the candidates at Victorian Local Government elections. Old white guys are being replaced by rightwing younger zealots.

  4. Not sure you understand what “old guy yelling at clouds” was actually about. There is nothing frivolous about the Moira Deemings of this world. They are slowly taking over the world.

I’m saying that a larger percentage of young people seem to be avoiding the coalition and right wing ideas.

Yes, a small number have fallen under the spell but even the Libs are saying that they are worried at their lack of appeal to younger voters.

“old guy yelling at clouds” was a dig at your negativity towards younger people.

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No Darwin Award for Diana. She had already delivered 2 princes.

How dare you chomp at your bridle, you gormless, antipodean cad!

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And I say it doesn’t go too far enough.

Charlie and his lineage should be given the old Margaret Clitherow treatment:

Whatever the cause of her insistence, she was taken to the toll-booth on Ouse Bridge on 25th March 1586 and was pressed under seven or eight hundredweight (approximately eight hundred to nine hundred pounds) until she died roughly fifteen minutes later.

This was the penalty for defying the crown on matters of religious conformity. Seems a fitting end for a parasitic, colonialist, terrorist organisation.

He is the crown.

As you well know, cloud-shouter, the USA republican model is just one of many. Have you had a look at the likes of Ireland, France, Italy, Argentina, India, Pakistan or Indonesia ?

I think that was the point.

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Hope we never follow any of those particular models…

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Never heard of any them, Percy the Genius

A bloke with your heritage hasn’t heard of the Irish Republic ? If your brain’s that addled you should move to Nimbin, where you won’t be noticed because everyone shouts at clouds there.

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I pretty much agree with you - but there’s no denying, however lacking some of those four might be, they’re all better than the US Imperial model.

Imran might not agree with you :rofl:


Their models are fine…it’s just how they sometimes interpret them.

Then there’s more in common with communism than many would be comfortable admitting.

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Republics allow for people to vote their leaders in/out of government.

Show me a communist system that allows that?

Never mind Communism. Does our current system allow us to vote our head of state into or out of office ?

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Communism doesn’t prohibit elections, some communists prohibit elections.

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And usually they’re more renowned for their totalitarianism rather than embracing the economic principles of Marx and Engels.

Much the same as the likes of Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, Salazar, Pinochet.

All of these were usually reliant on their secret police and reigns of terror.

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