Queen Elizabeth II to King Charles III

The Wales children are too young. Harry is fifth in line as the second child of the reigning monarch.

He has to take it. He has no option.
Once he takes it he can then abdicate

George would become King even as a minor but he would be King in name only and can’t perform the duties. Harry would be the regent but on a technicality regency could be passed to Randy Andy

Or they could all ■■■■ off


Well, the bloke on the throne 'aint throwing the towel in just yet

BBC News - King Charles to resume public duties after progress in cancer treatment

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Pretty sure that Charlie is like his mum and doesn’t believe in stepping down. His reign ends in the coffin.
But then again Charlie has always been a bit different.

Today, The King unveiled a new portrait by


at Buckingham Palace. The painting - commissioned by The Draper’s Company - is the first official portrait to be completed since His Majesty’s Coronation. It will hang in Draper’s Hall in London.


Why does Sam Draper have a hall in London?


And represented in the Guildhall to boot.

At least the artist got his sausage fingers on point

Diversifying his portfolio

And why does he love the away jumper so much?


Creepy king a big time dons fan

So the artist is implying that KC3 is just fading into the background?



In Britain, the Monarch butterfly has a longer period in chrysalis form.
(True in this case):

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Thoughts @benzina ?

Blitz is borked

Things seem to be going well for Harry. King Chucky wouldn’t make time to see him while he was in London.