Recruitment of a ruckman

It's been mentioned on BF now - building momentum Fwiw we were mentioned in an article linking WC to Goodwin ~1 month ago which is where I'd imagine the person who mentioned him originally got their info from I actually spoken to him (Goodwin) and his dad about a week before the article came out and they didn't really hint at any AFL interest at the time. He's definitely keen to get to AFL though, otherwise he'd be back playing for a country club

I’ve heard West Coast have invested a lot of time into him and are his most likely destination.

That was short lived

Onto the Darcy Cameron train

Really are you sure?
Who does he support/barracks for?
Does he have a preference to stay in Melbourne?
How different is country league Victoria compared to vfl?

Yes (strongly)


All mine are gone


Did we just not draft a ruckman…? :s

Did we just not draft a ruckman...? :s

no… no we didn’t.

rookie draft perhaps.


McKernan will be thrilled.


Apparently we like Oscar someone






Oscar silly question, get a silly answer


Just wanted to say, “Draper” in this thread.


Well, der… It was kinda obvious all the time. :grinning:


I’m just excited about what this kid could become.


I’m excited about what his kids could become.


I’m totally on board the Sammy Draper Perambulator (the favoured mode of transport for baby bombers), and it certainly looks like we have got a prodigy on our hands, but given TBC is 28 and Leuey is 29, and Smack is a multipurpose back up at best, we reasonably need to look at finding 1 more ruck for our creche (given it is reasonable to expect it to take 4 years to develop a ruck to a reasonable level, with a view to getting a player who can play a key position as well, or who at least is competent going forward and kicking goals.

So many sides will want to poach these players, but we have a great history of finding our own and developing them, and as a result getting some of the best. Eg: TBC, Judas, David Hille, Alessio, Fish, Barnes, Simon and Justin.

Historically this has been where we have leaked some of our best quality players as a result of too much quality in this area (think Jenkins, Judas, Fish, Barnes and Justin). Considering it is difficult to get this right given the small number of slots where you can afford to carry and develop these players we do very well.


Nice post SC


I agree. I reckon by the start of next season Draper will be ahead of McKernan, so we may as well delist Smack now.
Sounds like we’re getting a Rookie B ruck so he’s a free hit we can hope develops by the time TBC and Looney are gone.
But I reckon we still need to get a replacement for Smack who could play KPP or ruck. Now is the time to replace Smack with a youngster, if they’re confident Draper is good enough to be the 3rd string.


I’m sure that one of the prominent phantom drafters recently had us taking Hayes with our first pick.

He fits the need for a combined KPF/RUCK, but would infuriate many Blitzers that want a midfielder first up.


If we take a tall with our first pick then the coaches must be very confident 2 or 3 of our youngsters are going to be guns very soon.


Now I may appear to contradict myself, but I hadn’t considered our category B rookie in the pipeline. What you say aboods all makes sense, except I’m not sure Sammy’s body even could be sufficiently ready to take on the biggest AFL boys week in week out. So while Smack is not a top 2 ruck prospect, as a third stringer he’s not bad.

It will be a challenge when our new very raw category B rookie ruck prospect comes into the side and we don’t want to be caught out like we were in 2016 with too many players who can’t play a role besides ruck in the side. Having Jamar, Gach, Sam Michael and Smack in the VFL (with Smack having an injury hampered year last year in particular) this was problematic for the balance of the VFL side and trying to keep all these players in some sort of form, with all of them having their challenges (mostly to do with form and fitness, Gach to learn the craft, which didn’t work out).

Hopefully next year we can keep Leuey in form as one of our top 2 ruckmen, TBC in the AFL as things stand, Smack mainly forward, Sammy also hopefully developing as a KPP or at least a serious goal kicking ruck and we will be hoping for some prodigious development from our anonymous 6’ 8" ex cricketer and sometimes soccer player.

It would seem like Sammy might be up to being 3rd string, but if he got stuck carrying the ruck by himself, like Smack did in 2015, I think it would be too big an ask for a young body who hopefully will be in a state of punishment by his first ever full pre-season in an effort to begin to create a beast of untold strength and astounding capacities.


Yep, I confess to this.