Recruitment of a ruckman


I would be surprised if McKernan is on the list next year. And I feel a little sad saying that, because his best footy is great to watch. But I think the list balance pushes him out.

TBC and Leuenberger are the two primary ruck options. Since we only play a one ruck set-up, there is little room for others except through injury.

Sam Draper has proven himself to be adequate at VFL level. We have quality blitz rumour that we also have another rookie ruckman signed up.

As such, that is sufficient in my view.

1 AFL quality ruckman
1 back-up AFL quality ruckman
1 developing ruckman suitable for VFL
1 kid who maybe one day might think about being a ruckman


It would not shock me to see TBC and Mckernan as the 2nd stringer next year. Draper getting some games for development and a project ruckmen recruited.

It seems there are a couple of clubs crying out for a mobile tap ruckmen and we have a quality one playing reserves. The dogs could use one next year and what I watched last night, GWS is need of one badly.

Package Luey up with a first rounder and you never know what we may receive in return.


Joe. (Let’s not kid ourselves, here. He’s a part-time ruckman).
Fletch 3: The Fletchening, next year.

We don’t need to spend a high draft pick on another ruck, we need to make a decision between Loony and Smack. And if Loony gets us more than Smack at the trade table (ie: anything) then I’d be fine with that call.


Hope Fletch 3 is as good as the last one: Look Who’s Fletch Too.


Not bad.
Electric Boogaloo (Electric Fletchaloo?), or Even Fletchier would also have been acceptable.


No way. I reckon the competition for the number 1 ruck mantle has been great for Bellcho who has risen to a new level. We have two decent rucks, let’s keep that please. McKernan as a back up to an injury prone Bellcho is not an appealing prospect. Reassess when Draper is ready.


Fair point. But I’ll put it this way,
Luey and our first and second pick for Josh Kelly.
Or Luey and our 2nd round pick for Stringer.
Or Luey dominating for our reserves for 70% of the year.

I’d take either of the first two.


Too Fletch, Too Fletchious?


Technically he’d be The Fletch and the Furious: Calder Drift


Yeh will be adding one Category B List Ruckman ex cricketer.

1 AFL quality ruckman - Bellchambers
1 back-up AFL quality ruckman - McKernan
1 developing ruckman suitable for VFL - Draper
1 kid who maybe one day might think about being a ruckman - Cricketer Cat B list Kid.

Also have Daniher and Fletcher Junior. for support.
Not sure id like Daniher to ruck a whole game, might ruin his cahnce for the coleman next year.

also should look at anyone tall from our Tiwi Zone, would be great to find another paddy Ryder.


Former keeper?




For me it would surely have to be Fletchling, a young bomber learning to fly.

As for the SMack V Loony debate? SMack is not an AFL class ruckman, he is at best a battler, and an inconsistent one at that.


Which is why there was a mighty caveat in my post.

On the other hand, if they’re both back-ups, Smack is a back-up for two things.

My main point was for all that is good and true, please don’t draft a ruck with a high pick this year.
Pretty please. With sugar on top.


I read plenty of comment on here about how inept our midfield is and while I believe that has some merit, IMO, our ruck is a contributing factor as well. I though Bellchambers was very soft in a number of games this year but Naismith monstered him on the weekend & that mark he dropped at CHB when body spoiled by JAck was pathetic. When was the last time he really advantaged our midfield by giving them decent rucking to work with? Have a look at the throw in at the end of the first swans game. Flops to the ground with minimal contact. Needed to stand strong & thump the ball on the 45 toward our goal & boundary. Gleeson & Goddard got caned for their last effort yet Teflon Tom escapes criticism. The sooner Draper comes on the better our midfield will be IMO.


Stewart is 198cm and will be a season older so why can’t he pinch hit, I think he would be good round the ground as he is mobile.


Every other Saga player has been below their best this year, I don’t see why that wouldn’t apply to Belly as well. I’ve also got to admit, at the ground I put him in our best 5 on ground. Thought he dominated the taps, but Sydney sharked a lot of them. But some were put down our throats, not his fault players like Heppell couldn’t pick them up.


Promote Draper and pump games into him ahead of leunberger.


Tommy won hitoutsand hitouts to advantage, but hardly got the ball, and his opponent had about 6 clearances .

This is the thing, if you area good tap ruckman like belly, but the opponent gains clearances the ruckmen virtually cancel each other, which is imo what happened in the game.
Others say naismith destroyed tbell.

Imo, tbell needs to gain more possessions and thus clearances, and take more contetsed marks, which is the reason why he was preferred to berger, then ultimately failed to deliver that in the final. ( and in some other games)


So who are we going to recruit, as the thread title asks? Also, who are we going to delist to make space for this new ruck? Or, are we going to have 5 rucks on our list?

Four rucks is the limit, and l nominate SMack as the most vulnerable to be delisted.