Recruitment of a ruckman


Well it sounds like we’re getting a Rookie B. That’s a free hit. I’d be drafting another one either in the national or rookie draft. That gives us 5 but one being the free hit. Draper would start the year 3rd in line.


Or, fill our rookie list entirely with rucks.
Keep one, trade the others for second round picks in a few years time.


5 ruck types on a list never works because if all rucks are fit, then the number 4 and 5 ruck never have a chance to develop their craft.


I’d be hoping the replacement for Smack is a ruck/forward so he can spend a fair bit of time playing forward if everyone is fit. Like Smack has done this year


Well, I wouldn’t necessarily say it was that hard to get into our top 5 on Saturday…
I thought Belly was one of our better players out of a very sorry bunch, because of his ruck work.


TBC, JOE, Stewart, Draper, and Looney if they keep him


Who’s this category B guy that people are afraid to speak the name of?



Chris Judd?


So we circle back here with the leuey retirement. Draper is still another 1-2 seasons off with his skills/work around the ground, and bellcho will be number 1, so surely we just need a backup option here? Is there a state league player we should look at?


Surely we look at Zac Clarke whos been killing it in the WAFL after overcoming his knee issues?


I am firmly on the Tom Campbell bandwagon.

Other options worth considering include Zac Clarke and Jake Spencer. The best State League prospect by the length of the field is Nick Meese who is a bit short and old but has dominated AFL listed ruckmen for years.


I’m still for backing Draper in.


Chol from Richmond has been cut, he’s and interesting prospect that would be worth a punt. Or at least to extract from Punt Rd.

McClarty from the pies hasn’t got a contract yet would be more in the Smack mould of pinch hitting KPP with a good footy IQ

both young and could develop alongside Draper and not hold him back.


Would certainly make the VFL call more interesting…



So @aceman your thoughts on Sweet from North Adelaide, who played the SANFL gf? Obviously would be a development project rather than a Leuenberger replacement, but I’m thinking back Draper in as the Leuenberger replacement.


I don’t see much in him TBH, not really impressed by him



No idea about these sort of guys, just been looking for some “overlooked” kids who’d made progress. From highlights I thought he does something to work with.

How about Darcy Fort, a bit older, and better performed at SANFL level? Can he make the step up?


Fort is class and should definitely be on an AFL list


Don’t forget scrawny Strachany…he received a Rookie Combine invite…we might have been one of the teams to nominate him?