Recruitment of a ruckman


Clarke would be very handy- he has presence- big and strong and mobile


Big and strong? Mobile and athletic sure, but he’s still a stick figure.


We need a mature back up to replace Burger
Clarke. Would be good


I sure hope we don’t bring in a ruck for 1 year and then delist him only to look for another 1 next year. Ideally it would be great to get 1 that gives us a few years of service.


I like the idea of recruiting Clarke. But maybe he’d refuse to come to Melbourne if his role was as a 1 year backup for Bellchambers and babysitter for Draper. I’m not sure on what WAFL players get paid, but wouldn’t he get paid more as a WAFL star than being on the bottom of the EFC food chain?


Watching old Billy Stateleaguer get torn apart by a good ruckman doesn’t sound any better than watching Stewart or McKernan get torn apart by a good ruckman, and they have the advantage of already being on our list.


I doubt he’d get more in the wafl


He is from Melbourne and the salary cap for a WAFL team is what an average AFL player makes


Ok well that solves that query then. I’m all for drafting Clarke to be the 3rd ruckman in line. I’d give Draper second spot until he proves that he’s not ready. You’d like to give Draper some games…but if he stinks it up at AFL, or we think it’s hurting his development, then it’s be nice to have Clarke as that backup.


And you reckon Clarke would go for that do you?


If no-one else has a better offer, why wouldn’t he?

Do you think we’re more likely to go with a youngster (maybe 20 ish) to try and develop and compete with Draper?


Wouldn’t Clarke have to go into draft anyway?

As such what he wants and where he fits in pecking order of the side who selects him irrelevant.


Oh yes, probably


It might be if he decides to retire straight after being drafted because he wants to stay in Perth


I dunno,

Maybe he’s happy in Perth

Maybe what we were offering re opportunity, contract length, role etc is not what he wants

Maybe he could think it’s not worth uprooting your life to be a last ditch fallback position

Any number of reasons really


It’s a gambit for him for sure, mckernan took the plunge and he’s done ok i would have thought


Realistically I suspect Apeness or Campbell might get an offer. However, they will be third in line.

I wonder what the plans for BIG LAV are? He looked to be a reasonable mover when I saw the televised games, hope he can get his body strong. Not sure if he is a ruck or key position prospect?

I wouldnt mid betting Jackets has a 2.5m ex Basketballer for a Cat B as well.


Hasn’t Apeness missed more games through injury than he’s played?
Hardly a great trend for someone that’s meant to be a reliable back up.


Maybe we should look at this other Werribbee bloke…!


Imagine upgrading Smack for Brown.
Boy oh boy wowee.