Recruitment of a ruckman


Pretty sure if you’ve been delisted in the last 2 year period you can be picked up as a Delisted Free Agent without having to go to the draft Speedy… Happy to be corrected though.


Pretty sure we tested some tall basketball dude recently.
I think it might have been @Killer_Mike who mentioned it.

Getting a guy like that won’t help in 2019 though.

I wouldn’t be surprised if jackets pulls out some obscure guy we haven’t heard of before. Or he’ll grab a delisted guy from another club that no-one is thinking about and he’ll surprise us with some ok form.


Can we have more than one multicultural rookie?


You want to recruit a 35 year old on crutches?


Yeah, fair point.

OK, Tom Campbell will do.


Andrew Bogut, ffs. Seven foot tall.


“Is that Tom Campbell? yeah gday Tom. Jackets Dodoro here. yes THAT Jackets Dodoro. Just wondering if you wanna meet up at a cafe in Elwood. Nah were not the Bulldogs mate, you dont have to pay for the coffee”


Caught up with my mate yesterday and he told me that he tested very well in aerobic and agility but he has a lot to learn in relation to the game.

He is doing a preseason with the club but believes that at this stage he is more likely to be picked up for the VFL side at this stage so they can keep an eye on him with the intention of maybe putting him on the rookie list next year if he shows any signs.

He’s very much a long term project at this stage.


Surely that’s what rookie B is for? If we don’t sign up for rookie B and he plays VFL then he just goes in the open draft to get a rookie spot.


Dodoro has several ruckman kids being tested for a vfl role. One is from riddells creek f/c. Very raw but has a huge leap. Very much long term projects. Several other clubs chasing him. Maybe Draper will be main back up with smack. Would hate if another club offered him a better deal considering the time we’ve put in.


Obviously the club don’t think he’s worthy of a rookie spot at this stage due to never having played the game and the lack of fundamental skills.

He would be available on the open market but it is highly unlikely that he is going to dominate or anything next year at VFL level so its highly possible that he may not attract any attention. All the club is looking for are signs of potential.


OK time for some left field thinking.

Tyrone Vickery is the best ruck under 30 that could be got. 2 years out of the game, what’s he been up too, jail?

The AFL loves a redemption story.

Yes I’m aware he is a massive ■■■■.head

And yes I’m aware this is the dumbest idea of the offseason.

But if we did and he could…


He was always a bit trash as a ruckman. Even when he was OK as a forward/ruck.


True and we allready have Smack.


Didn’t he suddenly collapse in a game back in 2016 from delayed concussion symptoms or something? Not sure he would be prepared to jump back into the game (nor do I want him).


He tried to mark a footy that wasn’t there.

Then collapsed.

Does it really take hindsight to say that something was off?


Yep. Happy to pass on dudes attempting to mark an invisible footy.


Has Tom Campbell been playing decent footy in the VFL this year?

Would be a little surprised if we picked him up given the dogs ruck stocks are worse than our own and they delisted him.


He has and had 72 hit outs in one of the games from memory.


Interesting, wouldn’t be opposed to giving him (or Clarke) a year as a contingency behind T.Bell and Draper. Basically direct replacement for Luey.

However I’d actually prefer backing in Draper and having McKernan as ruck contingency. Addition of mid-season rookie draft would give us an opportunity if T.Bell did go down with a LTI.

Also would allow Lavender to have a more prominent role in the VFL as he’s coming OOC end of 2019. Keen to see if he can show some promise.