Recruitment of a ruckman


More Riddells Creek players…
Already have Matt Darby.


As bizarre as it was, it’s wasn’t a reflection of his football ability one way or another, but it was indicative of the dangers of concussion

Although why were discussing Vickery as an option anyway I don’t know. He’s done


The one lead to the other, IMO


Vickery. Fmd. It’s a long off season


Maybe we could just try repurpose Stewart.
Seems to have lost his spot in forward line.
Is a good height, looks fairly strong and Mobile.
With some intense specialist coaching maybe he could fill that hole if required and give him a chance to get into the team?





■■■■■■ oath.
I can’t wait til next offseason when all the threads are like:

“How fucken Good was Zerrett in the GF”

“That one on one that Redman won and then the kick to Heppell to turn defence into attack… I just can’t stop watching a replay of that”…

“It was ■■■■■■ good to feel confident about the result by halftime and just enjoy the day”


We’d so get fined for the growth effects of his hyer-pituitaryism


That is not left field thinking, that is flat out, left right out thinking. Hard to think of a dumber idea that l have ever heard on BBlitz, and considering l have been on here nearly 18 years, that is quite some dumb going on there. Major league right there, always was.


Did you pass letters around with questions and answers on them in those days? ‘blocking’ would have been quite fun, also.


Finally, somebody posted something worse than Teenage Dirtbag.


Sometimes you just have to share your dumb ideas to get the conversation moving. Otherwise we just talk about Campbell for weeks.


Suddenly Campbell is looking great.

Nicely done.


Reverse Physcology :wink:


Any1 seen much of Darcy Fort? - Cal Twomey thought he’d be a chance to get picked up.

25yr old 205cm ruck from the SANFL


Yeah, I’m looking forward to the traditional February kickoff of AFLX as well.


You could’ve just told us you like a thumb up the date


I saw quite a bit of him as a junior - from memory he played one year for Falcons as an overager, but he was pretty new to footy then, a late starter, and obviously had a lot to learn. I was kinda surprised nobody rookied him, cos he obviously had potential even though it’d clearly take a long time to realise it, but not many clubs have list spots to spare for long-term project ruckmen these days. Back then, he was a good height with a physique that you could be confident would fill out, terrible boofy clown haircut, and didn’t know much about what to do on a footy field except a handful of ruck contest set plays he’d obviously worked on a lot.

But that’s half a career ago, he’s obviously changed since then.


Best ruckman in the SANFL by some. Should be on an AFL list as he would be better than several rucks on lists


we need a mature bodied replacement for Berger Clarke or Campbell I think

Draper one year away