Recruitment of a ruckman


Draper is one pre-season away not year away. No point recruiting a hack.


Totally agree


I’ve done some scouting of the lower leagues, might be a few rough diamonds…

Blair Frontalle-Novotny
“While he can play dumb, brainless football at times, Blair has shown a willingness to follow coaches’ orders and never seems to over-think situations”

John Kadavaras
“Has the body (210cm, 101kg), and was the beating heart of his team up until mid year after which his form flatlined and he turned in some lifeless performances. Despite looking a pale imitation of his former self, John K will look to reanimate his career with a fitness camp at Shadow Valley before the draft with his dad Laz”.

Chik Krimp
“A kid originally from the mean streets of Lisbon, Portugal has been in the system at the Stawell Staunchers for the last three years and has shown promise as an athletic ruck. Was injured early in the year after a freak cycling accident ruptured his periperineum, but has returned to present possible value for a club looking to spice up their tall stocks”.

Arnold Combover
“Questions over Combover’s age started to be asked when it emerged he played a minor role in cult 1990 TV series Twin Peaks (Arthur played the elderly though giant waiter). Even as an over-ager, Arthur has repeatedly shown the type of resilience which a team might find attractive on draft night. Most of Arthur’s joints are apparently now titanium after he suffered a series of falls after dizzy spells in the late 90s. Still running with the aid of a Zimmer frame, Combover’s blend of old-fashioned ruck work and gout and determination might appeal to a club in need of a older (and slightly sparse of hair) head.

Aaron Whorey
It’s a bit hard to get a good on young Aaron, as he has moved around so many clubs (19 at last count at the age of 18). At clubland though, he is seen as a real Pro - something in the mould of a Hooker but more flexible, very fast, and able to pull more tricks. My contact (who has coached Aaron for 3 quarters, before he moved on for another club yet again) tends to think that the costs and risks with drafting Aaron may be worth it for a club looking to hire a ruck for the short term, is able to be discrete with any potential discharge or airing of dirty laundry, and who won’t hold on to him like a vice.”


Someone mentioned to me that Jackson Clarke has been training with EFC in recent weeks. Has played for Coburg in the past and this year won a Premiership with West Preston.

Utility (has played everywhere from Ruck to Centre to CHB). Big leap, and acceleration. Not super tall, sort of Shaun McKernan with less neck. Probably a long shot as a mature age rookie, but he plays with intensity, (nickname: “mad dog”).


Arnold Combover related to KB or the Giesch?


He’d want to have had a significant growth spurt - was 191cm in his draft year…

Like the ‘training with the club’ info though! Even if preseason hasn’t started yet - hopefully the real candidates reveal themselves next week


Where have all the ruckman gone?

You have Gawn and Grundy who - pardon the pun - are head and shoulders above the rest. Then you have rucks that are either cooked, extremely raw, or are aren’t genuine rucks but are there to simply make a contest. Very few really impressive developing ruckman, and fewer and fewer talented prospects seem to be available either through the draft or among state leagues. It really appears to be a dying artform.


You also need backup in case Draper goes down with an LTI. Excrement occurs!


I think we will pick Clarke if available


If we are going to take one I’d rather Fort


I say we just stick with Draper, or head to the USA


The backup behind Draper is probably my preference. Young, with state league senior experience, and scope to improve


Especially if Smack plays as a senior forward, we need another ruckman. One injury and the VFL team is stuffed!


Big unit. Certainly knows his way around the fwd line as well which is a huge plus.


My concern here would be that the Dogs need ruck talent even more than we do & they had the closest look at him but passed.


With Fort or Campbell?

The Dogs’ ruck stocks have changed a fair bit since he was playing VFL.

(and 205cm guys change a fair bit between 21 and 25 as well.)


Both really. They look like starting the year with only Boyd & English as ruck options so that doesn’t bode well for Campbell unless there are factors we don’t know about. Fort has more potential upside & would be my preference of the 2 but I’d argue WB have been weak in the ruck dept since Darcy retired so again its not reading well on the resume for either. Of the mature guys Clarke looks the best option but no idea if he’d be interested in such a long shot so maybe a guy like Fort who’s never really had a taste of the highest level may be the best selection. I agree, there’s good reason to believe a ruckman at 25 is a very different beast to a 21 year old.


Minson made AA after Darcy’s retirement fwiw


really, which year? Fark good ruckmen are hard to come by. I never rated him at all.


Essendon is looking outside the square to combat the dearth of available ruckmen.

List manager Adrian Dodoro has agreed to trial 251cm (8ft) Sultan Kösen from Turkey.

Dodoro saw Kösen working at Istanbul Airport en route back from his traditional October celebration in Italy of his trade period success.

“I guess you could say he stood out,” Dodoro said.

“He was working at the airport changing light globes.”

Kösen, the tallest man in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records, has been put through some preliminary testing by the Bombers.

“We tested his vertical jump and he actually smashed it. I mean literally the bar at the top of the machine is wrecked after he hit it,” Dodoro said.

Dodoro said because Kösen had not played AFL competitively in any of his 35 living years, he qualifies for Category B.

“We actually can’t believe he’s still available in mid November. He was going to go quite high on our Category B Draft Board.”