Replay/Torrent/Download R1


Is it just me or does the 4th Qtr end early?


Goes for 33.08 minutes, and the entire qtr is shown.


Thanks heaps Deckham


Thank you Thank you Thank you!!


Does anyone know if there are radio replays anywhere?


That app that was posted here is a ripper! I use a VPN to get around the geoblock - lovely stuff.


Another question actually - how quickly are the replays up on that AFL replay program?

I’m deciding whether to pay for the Live Pass or not because living in Toronto, Canada, live games are pretty much out of the question for me (3am game times). Next best thing for me is to watch the replays without knowing the score as soon as I wake up next morning.


If you get an international membership they are available immediately and in far better quality than the afl website.

You also get some of the foxtel shows this year like on the couch and afl 360 if that is your thing.


Just make sure you are getting watch afl, not afl live pass as that is garbage.


Yes I’m most likely going to get an International membership so I can support the club financially.


I seem to only get first 15 minutes of every quarter. Any ideas why? Sorry for the most likely stupid question.


Has estonia been invaded?!


You’ll need to click on each file (1 for each qtr - obviously) then click on “download” then save to your dropbox.
This will upload each file fully


By Russia.


Thanks for that Deckham…


Which VPN?


I’d recommend private Internet access. There are plenty of good ones though.


Express VPN.

$100 US p.a. money well spent.


PureVPN has everything you need and does HEAPS of deals. Time it right and you can get 2 years for the price of one ($50)


Opera Browser has a free inbuilt VPN