Replay/Torrent/Download R1


You need to do your research though, … many of the “Free” ones, and browser integrated types, use your data in unscrupuolous ways. The psiphon one I’ve linked to is not bad, but unfortunately doesn’t offer Australia as a proxy ip address. I’m just looking at another open source one atm which might be ok. If it is, I’ll post it here .


It just depends what you want to use a VPN for. If it is solely for getting the football then a free one is probably fine.
However it’s my view that you should be using a VPN unless doing very basic browsing. It’s a simple privacy and safety requirement unfortunately.
With that in mind the free ones don’t cut it for speed, lack of ads etc.
I’d recommend therefore that you go with a paid VPN. If you want to download through torrents then you should get one with all available security features e.g no logging, VPN kill switch etc. If not then just find a good fast cheap option.


Thanks for your help but it there any way i could see the Brisbane game?


Sorry, I don’t understand the question.
Does Deckham’s dropbox link not work for you? Is the VPN alternative unmanageable? Perhaps we could be more useful if we knew what the problem was, exactly.


Reminder: Don’t go posting direct links to game downloads thank you.


If you message me, I may be able to explain the issue to you.


That should be a poll sticky.


Any way to get the replay?


This probably belongs in the dumb questions thread, but why do we call it Estonia and not Spain?


Because it’s been proven many times that people just parrot whatever the media (including Radio 3DJR) says, no matter how incorrect they are.

Sometimes the media even means it.


Looks like they blocked this as well.comes up as a virus now…Worked well yesterday




I opened it in private browsing and it worked. I think the issue is in the cache


Replay anyone?


Thanks Beastie. It must have been down for just that day or the domain moved.


This is not the right thread but was not sure where to post it. I came across a pretty good paywall evader that seems to work with the herald sun and the age from what I’ve seen. For mobiles you will need firefox but it seems to work with the desktop chrome version. Anyway, use at your own risk:


Bumping this for 2018. Anyone have a Crows replay yet?


If you’ve got a Telstra mobile you can watch for free on


Replays as well?



And you can airplay your Mac to an Apple TV with it too…