Replay/Torrent/Download R1


Damn, must be doing something wrong, cant get it going


I’m going insane here. Programmed the TV for last night but the kids stuffed it up while we were out, result 5 mins of the game. Internet at home is stuffed, no streaming. So now I’m at work and every single replay source is blocked.


up on estonia


So can someone elaborate on the crownbet option? You sign up and put $50 on your account and you get access? How does it work? I never bet so I have no idea


So as a Telstra mobile customer I can watch live games on my phone, but I want to watch the replay through my laptop or desktop at a higher resolution. I should be able to do this yeah?

Using my lappy, I’m clicking on Watch Replay on the AFL site, logging on with my Big Pond Id, but then the only option is to enter my CC details & Subscribe. Am I missing something?


You need to sign in with your Telstra ID that’s linked to your mobile account.


Thanks Riolio, but tried that & it doesn’t seem to work. Are you sure it is free thru the AFL website (via lappy), or just thru the app (via phone / tablet)?


You have to authenticate through the app but then it will work on the website if you are signed in with the same account on both


You should add this as a service by tomorro


Yep, doesn’t seem to work. I used Live App to watch the game thru my phone last night. It authenticated my mobile Telstra service before streaming. Today I logon to the AFL website using the Bigpond Id associated with that mobile service. Replay doesn’t launch - only option is to subscribe & enter cc details.


Welcome to telstra customer support


Weird. It’s a roulette for me most of the time so I was surprised it worked at all earlier.


You lost me


From Telstra Crowd Support 4 weeks ago -

Q - I have subscribed through the AFL app for the live pass via my Telstra account. The live pass woks on the app. When I log on the afl website via my desktop I can’t watch the match replays. It says I have to subscribe but I already have via the app.

A - Thanks for your post and I am sorry for the confusion with this. If you have subscribed via an in-app subscription then you will not have access to content on the AFL website.
If you wish to purchase a subscription via the website head to
Please note this will not replace any subscriptions in-app, you would need to cancel those from your end.

Might try via the AFL Live app on my wife’s iPad.


Wow what the hell


It all seems a bit random in Telstra / AFL land


Downloaded AFL Live app to wife’s iPad, signed in with same bigpond id as used without success on laptop and bingo - replay central.

So it seems if you can get the replays to work for free via the afl website, you are very lucky.


This is my expecience, can only watch phone or tablet, not desktop.


And yet I saw it writ earlier today on some Telstra website that you can watch replays. but not live games, on a desktop.

But yeah, it seems you can’t.


I wouldnt say it seems random at all. Theyre clearly trying to fleece people for every cent theyve got. God what a shithouse company they are