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God what shithouse companies they are



is it working for u on desktop?


Has anyone tried Sandbelt’s downloader?
It doesn’t list any of the games for 2018 so maybe it doesn’t work for this season.


No that particular avenue is shut for good


can someone decipher estonia for me (without incriminating themselves of course)?


Im not sure that it is still the case but last year you could not access the replays using IE but you could using chrome.

Last year also you could record the replay to a USB stick and watch on whatever device you wanted. This was available using the video helper addon for Chrome. Doesn’t seem to be working this year (so far, still trying to work it out). Any ideas?


It is now. This worked -

‘It’s great that you have redeemed your live pass on your mobile. If you go to More > My Account > AFL Live Pass and select ‘Link my Live Pass’ you can attach this to your Telstra ID. Once you have done this, you can access on the website with your Telstra ID.’

So I followed these steps in the Live app on my phone, then logged on to AFL on my lappy using my bigpond id. After some cajoling - replay city again.

Even better, I added the AFL Live app to my Telstra TV gizmo & am currently watching the replay thru this. So from famine to feast!


wow… i will try this Thanks


guessing someone at AFL/Telstra/Foxtel caught wind of it and put measures in place to stop it. for all we know, there may be a new application.

Yes, that is the case:


I can go to More > My Account > AFL Live Pass Subscription but I do not see ‘Link my Live Pass’ option.

Any Idea?



Can someone please send me an invite to Estonia? I promise to be a good boy and seed and keep those ratios up!


AFAIK, you literally just have to have an account. Then you (on the app only) navigate your way to any football game which should have a watch live button


I have a Telstra pre-paid pocket wifi ( about $50) , gives me a mobile number, enables me to use AFL live any game , replays and supposedly data free, on my tablet Don’t know if it works OS, but it does allow for connection to FON wifi.


For me it worked exactly as described. I selected AFL Lve Pass though, not AFL Live Pass Subscription.

Link My Live Pass was a big horizontal button towards the bottom of the page (I had to scroll a bit).

I don’t have that option any more - presumably because I’ve linked it already.


Mine is an Android tablet… It is Telstra mobile… I can see live matches and replay on the tablet only… I will try to call Telstra to ask how to link my Telstra id to this mobile number…

May be android could be a problem or i have old version of app… i tried to update but it seems to be latest App version 40570

Any way Thanks for the help…


I’m on an android telstra phone and Gnik’s suggested steps seem to be available on mine through the <User Settings < AFL Live Pass Subscription and then the box that says ‘link live pass’. It then said an email confirmation would be sent confirming availability on other devices, but as of yet have received no email (been about half an hour.


I received an email pretty much immediately after linking.


Yeah I got nothing unfortunately :frowning: So no go for me.


Only thing I can suggest is Telstra Crowd Support.
I got the right answer eventually.


Thanks for this, worked perfectly and also have set up Om Telstra tv.